Saturday, 30 May 2009

Getting to knooow meeee

What made you choose your blog/twitter/YouTube username?
Blog: It keeps changing. It was makeover my mate because I used to do a lot of makeovers and personal styling, but now its just a fashion and beauty blog for me to indulge in my interests :) 
My twitter username is just my name and year of birth :)
What's your actual name? 
Nicola Jackson.

Do you have any nicknames? 
People call me different things, abbreviations like Nic, Nix, Nickers. My boyfriend has a few names for me ;) and my friend steve calls me mousey because of a fantastic bodger and badger impression I do haha

Apart from the obvious make up / fashion hobby, what other hobbies do you have? 
I love music, watching gigs, writing songs, playing the piano, oh and going to the theatre. I love cooking and eating out, or having nights in catching up with the girlies and some nice wine. I'm also a bit of a film buff and I'm enjoying orange wednesdays these days!

What do you do?
I have just finished my degree in journalism. Now job searching and planning going travelling next year :)

What would you like to do? 
I'm a bit of a dreamer so this changes A LOT. The only thing I know I really want to do is travell the world, go every where and see everything I can. Then I'll decide what to do!

Tell us something embarrassing, but that you love doing? 
I am hooked on Wii fit! I suppose this isn't too embarasing, but I am a little obsessed and can't stop hoola hooping on it. I'm hopeless, but it beats going out for a run!

Tell us a little something that we don't already know about you
I have a HUGE phobia of bees and wasps! 

What do you most like about yourself? 
At the moment I am struggling to find much that I like, particulalry with regards to my shape. I like that I am quite fun and playful, it makes life a lot more enjoyable :)

If you could have anything in the world, what would you want?
I'd like to be given a job at asos, or somewhere I would actually like. Gimme a jobbo please! xx

Hope this wasn't too boring! I tag my lovely followers- (50 at last!) and anyone who hasn't done it already! Much love xx

Friday, 29 May 2009

Spin Curls

I know a few people have posted about the new Remington Spin Curls hairdryer, but my wonderful boyfriend decided to be very kind and surprise me with one out the blue! :D
I have been dithering over buying one for a  few weeks now, but always thought my hair was too short and I am supposed to be saving. 

However, I used it this morning and I LOVE IT! I could not contain my excitement when I dangled my hair inside the bizarre looking piece of technology, and watched my hair transform into perfect curls instantly.

 A very helpful diagram I designed just for you!

I was a little scared at first as it looks like some sort of torture device, and sounds like one too! Still, I followed the instructions, and, in a matter of minutes, I could really see the results. My hair is quite short (and horrible- it's in the growing stages. Ugh!) but it still curled it and dried it perfectly. My whole head of extremely thick hair took about 20 minutes.

I was in shock! Normally I would have to blow dry my hair first, then style it either straight or curly, and it takes me ages! 

It costs £39 from Boots, and comes with a 2 year guarantee- which is great for me as my hairdryers have a habit of exploding . I think it is the most genius and useful piece of technology I possess and I don't think I will need my curlers or straighteners again! (Not for a while anyway!)

Please excuse my shiny horrible face, just wanted to capture the curls! Very bouncy :)

Friday, 22 May 2009

Style Icons

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite style icons, people that inspire me, and just photos that I love.

Ever since I watched Factory Girl, I have been obsessed with the late  Edie Sedgwick. Her fashion sense reflected her. It was unpredictable and crazy and sassy. She looks great in her signature leotards, or shift dresses, with the famous short hair cut and dramatic dark eye make-up . 

Next up has to be Audrey Hepburn. Who doesn't love her classically elegant style? Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my all time favourite films, I adore the way always looked pristine, even if just popping out the house for a bit to eat. I wish I could be so glamorous!

Francoise Hardy's sexy 60s boho fashion was really unique. She always looked effortlessly chic, even in just a simple T-shirt and trousers.

Leaving the 60s behind now (although mentally I'm still stuck there!) and I am still loving Agyness Deyn's 'boyish can be sexy too' style. She pulls off punky and masculine styles, throwing the most random things together and still manages to look gorgeous. I loved her hair so much last year that I chopped off my long locks for a short 'do. Not quite as short as Aggy's but very close! Love this photo!

Oh Alexa Chung... you were wasted on T4! I'm glad somebody saw the light and got her back into modelling. Half of the reason I used to watch the programme was because I loved her style. It started off quite 'Topshop' but now she has invented her own style with her fitted dresses, baggy cardigans, black tights and patent high heels. And not forgetting the messy bob and thick black eyeliner. 

That's all for now, but expect more when I can think of them! 
Who are your style icons?

New e.l.f products. Warning, contains a lot of complaints!

I was so excited when my six new e.l.f products arrived for me to try out yesterday. I wanted to like them so much. At £11 for two nail polishes, two eye shadows, an eye liner and a lip balm, and free delivery, I couldn't believe my luck!

I was impressed with the cheap price (I'm a bit of a bargain hunter/cheapskate!) and the speedy three day delivery. However, everything I got let me down in some way.

The nail polishes I ordered were Coral and Plum. The coral had leaked in the post, and instead of resembling the colour swatch on the website, it comes out really pearlecent and not at all coral. And the plum looks more like a brown, but I do quite like the colour. However, I put them on yesterday, and by today they had chipped so much I had to take it all of completely. Very sad story!

As for the mineral eye shadows, these were more impressive, but still nothing to shout about. I received Temptress and Royal. Although they are not very pigmented, the purple one was quite pretty, and made a nice smokey eye for a night time look. Temptress, however, looked almost beige on the website, but in the pot it is like a pink blush, and on my eyes it made me look ill! I managed to tone it down with another gold colour I had, but on its own it is not a good look at all, unless you're looking for sympathy or a day off work!

My interesting method of showing the nail polish colour (thumbs up for colour, down for quality!), eye shadows (first temptress, second royal), eye liner, and an overly excited facial expression!

I also ordered their waterproof eyeliner pen in Coffee, because my holiday is in two weeks and I needed something to stop me looking like a complete mong when I'm around the pool! I was surprised there wasn't any form or click to refill function, or something to produce more product. It is literally a felt tip pen for eyes. It is relatively easy to apply and gives a nice wide eye effect to line eyes but not as bold as a black kohl or liquid liner. This product is certainly not waterproof as advertised.

I tested it by splashing water over my face (not a pleasant task, but that's dedication for my readers!) and naturally, it didn't pass the rigorous test! So, if you're looking for a very cheap quick fix liquid liner, this product is fine, just don't expect it to last for very long! 

Finally, to round of my mass moan (sorry folks!) there is the Candy Shop lip gloss tin. I opted for cherry, as I love cherry flavours/smells. What a don't love is a horrible coffee smell that has no resemblance to cherries, and tastes as bad as it smells. OH DEAR. The colour is very bright and looks quite nice on the lips. It also lasts for quite a while. Still, the horrible smell ruins it for me and again I was disappointed

Has anyone else had similar problems with e.l.f products, or am I just missing the mark completely? What do you think of their products? 

Thursday, 21 May 2009


As you will probably be aware, this blog has very little to do with makeovers any more. This is because when I launched this blog (originally on wordpress) it was for university. It was focused mainly on makeovers, whereas now it is more about my life, and my love for all things fashion and beauty.

For this reason...
*drum roll please*

Makeover My Mate will be no more! 
I am thinking of changing it to Nicola's FAB (fashion and beauty) blog. There will be some makeovers, and top tips! But I can feel less guilty about rambling on about things I buy or have seen etc.

So please add the new URL at

Sunday, 17 May 2009

The ball!

So anyone who actually follows my blogs... I hope there are at least a few of you(!) I thought I would put up a few pics of my summer ball. The night was a success, we were celebrating for 12 hours, and I didn't get to bed until half 7. It was mad but very fun and thankfully my dress went down well!
I was worried about being too overdressed but there were plenty of ball gowns so it was lovely :)

Me and my lovely boyfriend- who decided to wear a tie which clashed with my dress! lol

We had to take about 100 photos of us to get a good one. Still couldn't manage obviously!

My Brummy babs and the Mr again :) Fond memories but it's all over now *sobbs*

I hope this hasn't bored you to tears, sorry! And I will get back to proper makeover blog posts soon :) 


Thursday, 14 May 2009

Dita Von Teese makeup?

I forgot to mention... MAKEUP for the ball! I was thinking Dita Von Teese's red lips (to match the dress) and simple eye liner with big lashes? Can anyone think of any other options that would look nice? I have quite pale skin now the dodgy spray tan is wearing off, and I want something simple but effective. 

Any ideas what to do? 

You shall go to the ball!

Yessssss, the moment I have quite pathetically been looking forward to for about three months is almost here!

As you may/may not know, last week was the end of term for us third years. Every year we celebrate it with a summer ball, but this year as it is the last one, I really wanted to make an effort.

SO.. The dress code is smart. Pretty vague really, but I presumed this meant men in tuxes and women in gowns. However, after discovering what my friends and colleagues are going to wear, I fear I'm going to be pretty over dressed.

I designed my dress myself about five months ago (yes this is very eager, but I'm always designing things and I knew what I wanted a while back!) and my wonderful, talented mother made it- with help from me of course! 
The dress is floor length, regal red satin ( I think?) with a deep V neck on the front and on the back. I wouldn't normally go for this sort of thing, but I was inspired by the dress Keira knightley wears in the Coco Madmoiselle advert. There is also a chiffon bow at the back, to give detail and hide my big bum! I've got some pictures but they're taken at my horrible student house so please excuse the quality and the ugly fire door!

Most other people are wearing knee length dresses, lots of puffball and strapless going around. What do you think, do you like it? Will I stick out like a sore thumb? 

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Top Tips #1

Every week from now on I will be writing about some useful tips I have picked up from various makeover shows, websites, books, and even my own, slightly biased advice!

It’s Summer now, so it’s important to know what the key looks are, and what to avoid when updating your wardrobe. A few of them include...

Layers are sticking with us from winter, and its all about over sized blazers and cropped jackets. Blazers are a great way of smartening up a simple outfit like jeans and a vest, or a transforming a day dress into a more evening style. Cropped jackets are effective in accentuating small waists and for layering up dresses. Crops work with most dresses, skirts and trousers, but never with pencil skirts!

Aqua Couture sweat jacket, £84

Harem Trousers
Finally we can stop squeezing ourselves into our drainpipes and focus our attentions onto something new! Relaxed, fun, casual and stylish; harem pants may seem like an odd choice at first, but once you overcome the initial shock of the saggy crotch, I guarantee you will not find anything else as comfy. Try pairing them with wedges and a blouse for a funky evening look, or flats and a simple T-shirt for the day.
Zara have lots of these in at the moment in a variety of colours from standard black to bright yellow, and they are just £9.99, a total bargain. 

Wedge heels are huge this season, dominating sandals, courts, platforms and even trainers. They simply cannot be avoided right now. Not only do they make your legs look longer, they are much more comfy than stilettos. Wedges work brilliantly with jeans or with high wasted skirts (the latter is particularly best for pear shaped figures). Faith currently have some gorgeous pairs in stock right now and if you get there fast they are offering buy one get one half price in some stores! 

Denim has always been huge both on the catwalk and on the high street, and this season is no different. Denim jackets have been making their return recently, since B*Witched cruelly banished them back in the 90's with their horrendous denim overloads!
This time it is the lighter the better, with the introduction of 80's acid-wash denim for a vintage feel. Why not add two key elements together and go for a cropped, light denim jacket? They go perfectly over light floral dresses. Alternatively, light denim flared jeans are a really big look this summer too. Just try to avoid wearing more than one piece of denim at a time, or you will risk looking like a 90's pop star. Not cool!

That's all for this week. I hope you find some of this useful, and I'd love to know what you think, or if you have any ideas for things you would like me to cover!

Friday, 8 May 2009

New shoes :)

My Trafford Centre trip wasn't totally unsuccessful, I did manage to buy this gorgeous pair of wedges from H&M, at an extremely reasonable £25 :D They are quite different but I really love them. I'm considering replacing the laces with some ribbon though, to make them a bit more subtle. 

I plan to wear them with harem trousers or Jeans and a nice summery blouse. I've tried them on with dresses and they work quite well too. The only thing stopping them from being perfect, is the fact the wedge is canvas and cream, so I fear they will be getting very dirty quickly. I hope not!

You know when you've been Tangoed

So... I went to the Trafford Centre yesterday, hoping to buy a few things for my holiday to Turkey in about a month. 
It was my first time there, as if I go to Manchester I normally head for the vintage shops and the city centre. Still, it was very nice and everything was going just fine... UNTIL:

Overly confident orange women hanging around Selfridges: "Hello madam, can I interest you in a free Fake Bake spray tan today"

Me: "Erm, well, um... well, I am pretty pale...."

Five minutes later I am removing my makeup in the middle of the Trafford centre with a BABYWIPE (I should've got out there and then), and stripping in a tiny inflatable booth in front of this random woman.

Why can't I say no? 

This was my first ever spray tan experience. I used to go on sunbeds a little but then I watched a documentary about skin cancer and I never went back. I think I am destined to be pale.

I ended up having to spend the rest of my shopping trip BRIGHT red (my skin is very sensitive and it didn't react well to the spray) with brown streaks over my chest and arms. Not my finest hour that's for sure. 

Anyway, after some scrubbing I have managed to get the tan more even and I think I might be able to leave the house now without people staring at me! Oh the humiliation! I am contemplating putting pics up but after I put all my makeup on it probably won't be noticeable! 

The moral of this post is SAY NO to spray tans! Embrace your natural colour!

Friday, 1 May 2009


I've just finished my degree. Three years of hard work will hopefully pay off, will have to wait and see in a few months!  Anyway, this means I can start blogging again as I pretty much have nothing to do with my time now, yey! (Is this yey?!) 

I've been spending a lot more time on my make-up recently, trying to establish a few different looks, instead of always wearing browns and neutral shades. Anyway, here's two from the past few days: 
Look 1
Please excuse my extremely dodgy expression, I haven't yet found the right pose that doesn't make me look either pissed off, or over excited!
Anyway, this was a simple look because I was only going shopping. I had some cute vintage earrings shaped like peacocks (I think!) and I wanted to match my makeup to the metallic blue and pink colours on them. 

On my face I just used Maxfactor's colour adapt foundation (feels like silk and gives the most perfect light coverage), Bodyshop blush effect cheek colour, YSL Touche Eclait radiant touch, Victoria Jackson eyeshadow pallet, BarryM dazzle dust (I don't know the name but it was light blue!) Rimmel eyeliner pencil in 'azure shimmer', two coats of Number7 extreme length mascara, and Rimmel volume booster lipstick in 'foxy'.

Look 2
This is very similar (I didn't have time to try new things, had to hand my bleedin' dissertation in!) Instead of the blue colours I used POP's eye cake in 'violet eyes'. mixed with Bodyshop shimmer cubes on the brow bone.

What do you think?