Friday, 29 May 2009

Spin Curls

I know a few people have posted about the new Remington Spin Curls hairdryer, but my wonderful boyfriend decided to be very kind and surprise me with one out the blue! :D
I have been dithering over buying one for a  few weeks now, but always thought my hair was too short and I am supposed to be saving. 

However, I used it this morning and I LOVE IT! I could not contain my excitement when I dangled my hair inside the bizarre looking piece of technology, and watched my hair transform into perfect curls instantly.

 A very helpful diagram I designed just for you!

I was a little scared at first as it looks like some sort of torture device, and sounds like one too! Still, I followed the instructions, and, in a matter of minutes, I could really see the results. My hair is quite short (and horrible- it's in the growing stages. Ugh!) but it still curled it and dried it perfectly. My whole head of extremely thick hair took about 20 minutes.

I was in shock! Normally I would have to blow dry my hair first, then style it either straight or curly, and it takes me ages! 

It costs £39 from Boots, and comes with a 2 year guarantee- which is great for me as my hairdryers have a habit of exploding . I think it is the most genius and useful piece of technology I possess and I don't think I will need my curlers or straighteners again! (Not for a while anyway!)

Please excuse my shiny horrible face, just wanted to capture the curls! Very bouncy :)


  1. wow. your hair looks great curled.
    yes, i've never been on your blog but i will more often its great :)
    sure, i'll add you to my links list right now! xx

  2. also, if you are interested or just want a browse, there is jewellery for sale on my blog!
    email me if you are interested in purchasing xx

  3. beautiful hair!
    Loving your blog.
    Come stop by mine and say hello and have a look!
    looking forward to seeing you around!
    xx belle

  4. Wow, your hair looks fab! Def. going to put it on my list of things to check out! :p Thanks!

  5. Thanks guys :) @Belle du Jour, your on my following list, I'm always having a look and getting jealous of your mass amounts of products! xx

  6. Your hair looks gorgeous! I really want to try this but I only bought a new hairdryer recently after my last one exploded (obvs a common thing!)

  7. Wow! Your curls turned out so well. I want to get one now!

  8. £10 off Boots atm on this x

  9. You look gorgeous! I was already planning on getting this when I get paid, but will make sure I deffo will now =)

  10. Wow...totally getting myself one of these now!!!x

  11. Definitely have to it is well worth it!


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