Sunday, 18 October 2009

Review: Garnier HerbaShine

I finally bit the bullet, stopped being a wimp, and coloured my hair! This was a big thing for me as it took years to grow out some dodgy colours I have used in the past.

One of many being the horrible incident involving a lot of bleach, the ‘cap of doom’ and a house hairdresser- you know the ones who randomly come to your house to cut your mum/nan’s hair because they’re probably not good enough to have their own salons? Well yes, I was a very ugly grey haired 14 year old because of that!

Back to the point…
I saw this product waay back at the Garnier event where I had originally chosen a light brown. Why? Who knows. So I decided that this colour wasn’t for me, and with it being Autumn and all, I opted for a nice bowny red colour- ice mahogany brown to be exact.

I don’t know why they rave about it only taking 10 minutes, if anything I think I would prefer it to take longer so I don’t have to rush like mad to apply it before it starts developing and I end up patchy!

Still, I donned the giant sized gloves provided (why are these always so rubbish?) and started applying the colour. I did get a tad freaked out when I was applying it and it was already looking so dark and red, but I persevered anyway.

After washing it out, staining the entire bathroom (sorry Dad!) and conditioning, I was actually very impressed!

You can't really see the red that much here, but it's better than it was before anyways!

The colour is exactly what I wanted, a rich brown with subtle hints of red. Another thing I have to point out is how soft and shiny my hair is now. I was really worried my hair would feel brittle or damaged but it looks and feels lovely, even if I do say so myself :)

I hope Garnier can make this into a permanent colour so I don’t have to keep dying it now that I have found a shade I really like!

Has anyone else tried these, what are your thoughts?

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Near Far

I love stumbling across new (and inexpensive!) products and designers, so when my friend at work recommended this line I got incredibly excited and I am already planning things to order!

NearFar is an ethical clothing line which works with organisations in Sierra Leone, providing the unemployed with work in the tailoring industry, and fashionistas with gorgeous inspired designs.

According to the website: "Ten years of Civil War has left the country with many uneducated and unemployed young people. Many of the tailors have lived as street children, been victims of commercial sex trade or been subjected to domestic abuse. Through building relationships with these tailors, NearFar has been able to help them profit from their skills and rebuild a life of stability for themselves and their families. NearFar’s commitment to this cause is demonstrated by the fact that 10% of all sales is reinvested into the training"

The brand can certainly prove themselves as ethical and unique, but what about the designs?

NearFar claim to provide an 'alternative to the mass-produced and an antidote to the mundane.'
This is certainly clear in their bold West African inspired prints and fine tailoring. Although the selection is small, there is still plenty to choose from including handbags, dresses, shorts and skirts, and most items of clothing come in a variety of different prints.

I am a big fan of bright, funky designs and so far I am finding it hard to decide which I like the most! At the very reasonable price of around £35 for a pair of amazing high wasted print shorts, and £55 for a shift dress, it is easy to get carried away and want a little of everything!

If this all sounds like your cup of tea (fair trade, mind!) then head over to the site at where you will find out a lot more information that is probably much more useful than my waffling :)

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Shopaholics (not so) anonymous

I think I may actually be a shopaholic!

Since finding out I have a job about 3 weeks ago I have been shopping a RIDICULOUS amount of times. I think this is due to the fact that a) I was sick of dressing like a student (leggings, massive jumpers etc) and needed more smart clothes b) I will be earning a proper wage and will no longer have to rely on the overdraft or wherever the hell else my money used to come from?!

But still, I have gone a little overboard me thinks, considering I haven't even been paid yet and probably won't be for some time yet.

Off the top of my head I can recall blowing £100 on Asos, £80 in H&M, a fair bit in Topshop and more than I had expected in Dorothy Perkins- I told you their Autumn shoes are just too good! As for makeup I haven't splashed out that much at all. I have ordered some stuff from Mac which should be arriving soon but other than that it has just been a few essentials!

Anyway, is this really bad or am I just being stupid? I've got so many more things I want it's like I've unleashed the shopping beast I had in my first year of uni again oh dear!

On a more positive note, I might do another video of just an update and show you a few of the things. This is only a maybe, I am still camera shy yet! But, yes, opinions on everything please ladies! :)