Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Ginger drama and rant!

Hello folks, sorry for the lack of posts recently. I'm afraid it isn't likely to be much better as I start my new job on Monday and I am going to be busy busy busy but I will try and make time to blog whenever I can!

Back to the point...
I wanted to share with you my traumatic experience I received today, while having my hair cut at the Ginger Group hair salon in Enfield. For those who haven't heard of them you can read more info here.

The reason I went is because I have given up trying to grow my hair (of course) and wanted a nice wavy bob after seeing this picture:

HOWEVER, I had a bad experience at my local salon (run by middle-aged chavs) after they cut my hair wonky and not short enough. I know, I know, but I was drawn in by the (very) cheap price.

So, of course I needed it done again and chose the Ginger Group as I didn't want to go to Tony and Gay and Adee's salon was booked up. Limited options!

It started off all well and good as a nice not-too-young-not-too-old 'Senior stylist' invited me over for my consultation. I told her all about my wonky barnet which she blatantly thought I did myself, and showed her a few pictures whilst subtly suggesting that if she mucks it up I will be one un happy customer.

THEN I had this chap give me the most vigorous shampoo known to man with scolding hot water. I literally thought he was trying to rip my head off or probe my brain with his bare hands. "Is this Ok for you?"
Well, I have no skin left on my head and you've given me a headache, but please, continue!

The next few minutes were a little better, the hair cut was good, no "Wevvers noice t'day aint it!?" and I felt like she was actually concentrating on what she was doing instead of just hacking away at my precious bob.

It all turned rather sour when she offered me the option of curling my hair (supposedly like in the picture above) instead of having it blow-dried straight.


Little did I know that what she actually meant was she will spray an entire bottle of product on my hair, scrunch it, then sit me under a heater for 30 minutes whilst she went off on FACEBOOK! So as I sat there cooking under the dryer which was clearly failing at drying my hair, she went off for her break and popped back once or twice to whack another 10 minutes on the clock.

Eventually I got so annoyed with sitting watching my hair drip dry and not curl AT ALL, I decided to confront her and say that it wasn't what I asked for and that I just wanted her to dry it so I could leave.

By this point I had a complete frizzy mess and I was so red from the heat (and anger) I just wanted to run to my car and cry. She then tried to make things better by offering yet more product and scrunching it with her fingers which reeked of cigarettes, then making my hair smell too.

I was so angry and grossed out by my disgusting cigarette smelling hair that I just got up gave her the money and left as soon as I could! I paid more because I asked for a senior stylist, instead of a graduate, but honestly wish I hadn't bothered. When I got home and told my friend who said I definitely should have complained. I really wish I took a picture of the mess she created, but I had to wash my hair straight away to get the smell and product out! If your looking for a rough idea, this demonstrates it quite nicely:

Image lazily stolen from google images...
What do you guys think I should have done? I wasn't in the mood to argue I was so pissed off and wanted to cry!

Thanks for reading my massive rant, I love venting to you guys. xx

Thursday, 24 September 2009

F.A.B Top Rated

Yes, its that time again!
Cheesy title AND a list of products/random things I am loving at the moment. Lucky readers :-P

1.) Aussie 'the best smell in the world' miracle shampoo and conditioner. I can't actually get enough of this stuff since receiving my samples at the Aussie event. Originally I could never understand how people could pay about £3/4 for a bottle of shampoo (cheapskate) but now every time I wash my hair it is so worth it! The gorgeous sweet, nutty smell lasts for days, even after blow drying and using products. I have actually caught myself sniffing my own hair at times. Slightly obsessive me thinks?!

2.) Maybeline dream mousse blusher. When I first saw this I thought it was something I wouldn't be using much, as it looked shocking pink in the pot and I had never tried a cream blush before. I live a sheltered makeup life... Anyway, I gave it a go and rubbed a little in onto my satin finished skin et voila! Instead of causing a blotchy, cakey mess, I got a lovely natural and surprisingly subtle blush. I will definitely be repurchasing this once its gone!

3.) Mini dresses and boots. Yes, the celebs were doing it ages ago, but I'm still not bored of it. Effortless sexy glam, a la Alexa Chung.

4.) Dorothy Perkins shoes. How good is their AW collection? I already bought two pairs! *Slapps wrists* And they are offering a generous 15% discount for students on certain collections so I say the more the merrier!

5.) Scholl Crackling Ice foot spray. This stuff is actually insane. I think Scholl may have actually created a weapon with this stuff. Remember popping candy, or space dust? The stuff that looks perfectly harmless until you put it on your tongue and your head feels like its going to explode from all the popping?! Well, this is essentially the same thing but in a mouse and supposedly for your feet. I say supposedly because, unless you suffer from numbness of the foot, or you never react to being tickled, then it is virtually impossible to spray it on your feet without feeling like your getting the tickling attack from hell! It's not just me who bursts into hysterics every time I use it, I have attacked various family members with the stuff and since been accused of 'foot rape'.

However, after you get over the initial 'Oh my god what is happening to me' feeling as the mouse crackles and tingles on your skin', it actually leaves you feeling pretty good and I have since found myself getting a little addicted to the crazy sensation and going back for more!

Alternatively, if you don't want to use it on your feet, as I said, it makes a very good mace for self defence purposes! :P

I think I'll leave it there with all the talk of macing! What are you all rating at the moment? Shaare! :)

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Scholl Party Feet On Off Party (Picture heavy!)

So, yes, Saturday night was THE night! And what a great one it was too :D

The frolics started early for me and 'plus one' Bhavna (of Wardrobe) as we arrived at our gorgeous hotel at around 4. This left us two hours to get ready *thumbs up*, and no time to eat *thumbs DOWN*

Thank you for the outfit help ladies, I settled on this pretty simple dress in the end. The shoes were the best part but I have no picture of them :(

After a packet of crisps and a lot of sparkle later, we hit the lobby to meet the Scholl sista's (lol) and Myriad PR lovelies as well as the winner and other runner up and hit the party.

The event took place at 180 The Strand underneath the exhibition halls and in the same room as where the On Off catwalks had been taking place. And the catwalk was still there for us to prance around on and dance once we had some dutch courage!

Catwalk- (pre party)
As soon as we reached the door we were met with champers and some topless chaps who were handing out some much needed Scholl products- a very clever idea considering how most people had been on their feet all day at the catwalk shows!

We didn't waste any time getting this picture!
Hello there!
After polishing off our first Margaritas, Bhav and I decided it was time to work the room and do some serious shmoozing! This is when we stumbled accross fellow blogger Janaka and her friend Sindy and discovered that four were, indeedd, much better than two.

Amongst the crowds of designers, fashionistas and overly flirty french men, we then managed to spot Boy George(!) as well as Jodie Harsh and Martine McCutcheon. A random selection indeed, but a good one at that.

Flirty french man trying his luck with Sindy, Bhav and J!
Spoilsport George didn't want to have his photo taken, but we managed to grab Mr/s Harsh for a quick picture.
Boy George who?!

The night continued with a brilliant set from Soul II Soul and another from DJ's Pandora's Jukebox, coupled with a few more cocktails and some crazy stage dancing. (The party feet came in particularly handy at this stage!)

The party rounded off at around 11 leaving us with plenty of time to get back to our hotel and eat the biggest sandwich known to man, then fall asleep like the crazy party people we are!

Good grief that's a hefty sandwich!

All in all it was a really brilliant night and I am so happy and grateful to have been chosen. A massive thank you has to go to Louise Bowles at Myriad PR for everything, and of course the rest of the Scholl and Myriad girls for organising it all and treating us like princesses :)

And thank you for reading if you have made it this far, well done! xxx

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Scholl party feet blog girl- Runner up!

So I didn't win the competition :(* but I did make runner up! Hurrah! :)

This means I don't get front seats at the On Off catwalk shows during London Fashion Week but I dooo get to go to the On Off party and mingle with all the journalists and possibly designers? I'm not even sure who's going but it is going to be mega. Also, I got £100 spending money, £100 of Scholl products, a pair of their new A/W '09 shoes and overnight stay in a plush hotel for two (not that I've decided who I'm taking yet ooops). NOT BAD!

Can you tell I'm excited?

Anyway, the point of this post isn't to brag (I'm not, promise!) but to ask for your help lovely bloggers. I don't know much about the On Off party *hangs head in shame* and I am getting in a right faff over what to wear. Obviously I have already been shopping. Twice. However, what ever I buy I'm thinking, is it formal enough? Is it too formal? I only have until Saturday, so if any one has any ideas for some killer outfits they think might be suitable, feel free to let me know! Right now I'm thinking black, studs, sequins and short ;)

We have a winner!

That's it folks. Contest closed. Thank you all for entering, but we now have a winner! My good friend Sonali kindly acted as independent adjudicator and picked the name from a hat (well, bag). So....

You are the winner of my contest! Hurrah for you!

And here are some pictures to show you the very exciting and not at all original method of picking the winner.
Sonali fondling the contestants. Ooeer.
'Please stop taking photos of me now'

'God I hope there's actually something written on this piece of paper'

'Oh good, there is! :D'

That's it for this time folks. As I said, thanks for entering, and I'm sure there will be another one soon! xxx

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Maybelline and Aussie pampering event

I couldn't subject you to another Maybelline event blog post as there are so many going round at the moment, so I thought I would just sum up my recent activities in one nice boring insightful post for you!

THURSDAY was another lovely event where I got to catch up with fellow bloggers, in particular the 'Leeds massive', learn more about the Maybelline New York brand and of course try out lots of nice new products. The main two being the new Pulse Perfection mascara and the Colour Sensational lipsticks both of which I have already been trying out.

Me, Carly, Daisy and Victoria

Me getting a makeover!

So far I am loving pretty much all the lipsticks- particularly galactic mauve which is something I would never normally have gone for, but I love it. They are very creamy and glide on nicely, however the staying power isn't great, unlike their 12 hour products which you literally cannot get off your face for about two days!

The vibrating mascara is a bit of a sore subject at the moment because I really had high hopes for this and was quite excited to try it, but so far I've found it pretty pointless. Although it lengthens, it makes my lashes really 'spidery' and doesn't curl at all. It is certainly not a worth rival for Rimmel Sexy Curves (*cough* much cheaper) I love that stuff.

'Are you ready to be turned on?' Ew not from a mascara thanks!

FRIDAY was one of those 'I can't leave the house I'm waiting for a phone call' days. I was waiting to see if I was the chosen one for Scholl's competition. Alas, they have moved it to Monday. Cue the panicking.

SATURDAY was my first shift back at Tottenham football ground. I work in one of the executive suits there and serve the rich folks some very expensive champers and food. It's actually really fun working there because we get to see people like Alan Sugar, the Redknapps, various players and WAGs!

Anyway, after work we (the BFF, Emma and I) dashed off to the Aussie pampering event for some blow dry action from Adee Phelan*. We got to meet lots of lovely bloggers, as well as Thom, Lauren, Tim and Camilla from 1000 Heads and have our hair premed to perfection by the stylists using the gorgeously smelling Aussie products. We then headed off to the Hospital (club) for some raw whores and wasabi nuts. Yup...
I had a great time meeting everyone and being pampered, so a big thank you to the 1000 heads team, to Aussie, and Adee Phelan for the kind use of his salon!

Poor guy, we cornered him and he couldn't escape the paps!

*He was on The Salon like five years ago and Emma used to love him :-P )

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Garnier VS Body Shop skincare

Garnier Pure Active and The Body Shop Aloe range are the two skin care products I have been trying out over the past month or so in order to make my skin as flawless as possible. Here I'm putting them head to head to decide which is better in terms of effectiveness/smell/price/shelf life etc.

Please remember though, this is just my opinion, and every one's skin is different. Things that may work for some people may not work as well for others, and vice versa.

Firstly, I tested out all the Garnier Pure Active range...

image couresy of
Blackhead Scrub- This smells fresh, doesn't feel too grainy despite the microbeads and can be applied gently without ripping your face off. However, it is a little gooey and if you don't take care washing it all off, it may lead to 'snotty face' (technical term, don't look it up). You know, when half way through the day you touch your face and you find a gooey patch or a little microbead. Not cool. Aside from that though, it's A-OK.

Deep Pore Wash- Nice consistency, smells like 'boy', but bearable. I use it before I go to bed. Naturally it hasn't really improved my horrible random patch of spots (gross) but it does make my face feel nice and clean before I go to bed, and that's always a good thing.

Facial Toner- I hate toners. As a dry skin sufferer, there is no place in my life for toners. But, in the name of beauty and for my love of you, dear followers, I gave it a go. Never again will I do that. It smelt even stronger of 'boy', almost burnt my face off, and just generally wasn't a pleasant experience. I gave it to my brothers though (greasy skinned chaps) and they seem to quite like it, although there were a few grumbles like 'I've still got spots' but that's just from your average unclean, spotty teen isn't it, really!

Spot-on Roll on- The name is a bit of a tongue twister- and a cheesy one at that, but aside from that, it is an average spot treater. I say average because I have had better, but I've also had worse. I actually quite like the roll on- contrary to popular opinion. It feels a bit like your deodorising your face, but again, it makes you feel clean. (I clearly have a complex about feeling dirty!) If you have a big hum dinger and want it gone by the morning, don't rely on this. But if you have a few little pimples and you need something to reduce the redness then I suggest this for you, and your brothers/boyfriends/dads(?).

Spot Fighting 24 Hour Moisturiser- I love this. But, I love it as a moisturiser and nothing more, as that is all it is good for. It has a lovely fresh scent, it's non greasy and very economical. It doesn't particularly 'fight spots', but it doesn't contribute to them or cause them, as others can do. It is a staple in my house hold, and seems like it works for everyone.

Garnier Pure Active cleans skin and helps fight spots (slowly), but it will make you smell like like an adolescent boy. The price is affordable, around £2 for each product, and available in all pharmacies and supermarkets.

Image courtesy of
Body Shop Aloe range is recommended for 'Skin that needs gentle care '. So sensitive skin basically. It is a right pain having sensitive skin because if you have a spot or any blemishes, there's not really much available that you can use without burning your face off with an acid like toner/spot treatment, or waiting for days for your 'super sensitive' product to kick in and clear the damn things away.

Still, the Aloe range don't really claim to fight spots, they just aim to 'soothe and protect' the skin. This is something the products really manage to do successfully.

Calming Face Cleanser- A really simple, creamy cleanser. Squeezes out, rubs in smoothly and wipes off makeup or dirt or whatever you have on your face pretty easily. It almost feels like you are cleansing with a moisturiser as it is so creamy and smooth. The smell is light and doesn't linger, but the clean feeling does. A great basic cleanser, but if you require more intensive cleansing then this probably won't not be enough for you.

Calming Toner- I know what your thinking. Calming? Toner? Those words don't mix? Well, on the one occasion I did try this (I'm sorry, I just hate using toners!) I used it after the cleanser and it felt like it was finishing off the job quite nicely. My face felt even cleaner and there was no sign of irritation or burning. I still don't quite see the point of them though myself, sorry!

Gentle Face Wash- Feels like your washing your face with a foamy version of the toner. That's it. Oh, and I have used it every night (when I remember) for a while, and my skin does seem a bit clearer, so yes, it also seems to fight spots!

Soothing Moisturiser spf 15- The downfall of this range in my eyes. The product is so greasy it is like applying a cheap suncream which doesn't intensely moisturise, it just sticks on the surface like a big shiny mess. I used this once, I hated it. I then went back to it and my feelings were still the same. Boo hiss.

The Aloe range serves well for essential-yet basic-cleansing, toning and purifying. However, add the moisturiser in and you get a horrible greasy mess to your freshly cleansed skin. The products are slightly more pricey around the £6 mark, but you know what your getting and there are no false promises to 'rid your skin of spots after one application', yet it does help unclog pores thus prevent spots. Genius.

What do you think about these ranges? Has any one tried either of them? Which do you prefer? If you think you have found the perfect skin care range, let me know!

Scholl Party Feet competition

When I found out Scholl were offering this I knew I had to enter.

Every one has heard of Scholl, right? They help get us nice non smelly/cracked/ugly feet! They also created Party Feet and the new Party Feet Snowflake edition, which, unless you are a man, I am certain you already know about and have at least one pair!
Well, they have been are running the most amazing competition to become a blog girl for the company and be part of London Fashion Week, starting on the 18th of September. Clearly for someone like me this is probably the best opportunity ever! I have wanted to go every year since I was about 15 (back when I thought I could be a famous fashion designer). Seriously, though, I look at all the people in the front row and think 'I wish that was me'. That's when you know you've made it. In my eyes anyway. (I know you can pay to go every year, but I wanted to go as a writer and actually be part of the event! )

Not only that, they give you an iPhone to keep, put you up in a hotel AND you get to attend the on|off after party and mingle with the other important folk.

So of course I entered straight away. I will find out tomorrow if I stand a chance of winning. I know I won't be able to sleep until then because I'm already nervous just thinking about it! Wish me luck folks, I want this so bad! Good luck to any one else who has entered and is waiting to hear back!


Monday, 7 September 2009

Project Angel

If any of you lot follow me on Twitter, I'm sure you're aware of my manic stress over an Aussie treasure hunt. If not (why not? :-P) then I will explain kindly for you now.

Aussie, the company that make the most gorgeous sherbety(?) smelling hair care, have set up a 3 part event for 50 of us bloggers. The first part started on Friday, when I received this in the post...

...along with a little gold key. Naturally I panicked. "What the hell do I have to do. Agghhh what does this mean? What if I can't find it" etc etc. It took me until Saturday, which was the day of the 'treasure hunt', to work out where I had to go and persuade the Mr to come with me incase I got lost :)

Thankfully, it was pretty easy after I cracked the code National Treasure styley. Even had the 3D glasses, not that they helped much.
I gathered that Chelsea Farmers' market was on Sydney Street in Kensington and smugly made my way there. Straight away I saw a big silver box and a bored looking man sitting on a bench next to it.
I thought he was either a) homeless or b) the nice (real) Aussie man called Thom. Thankfully it was the latter.

Thom let me unlock the 'Silo' and gave me my treasure. Hurrraaaah! I didn't quite know what to do after that. Buy him a drink? Hug him? I settled on neither (sorry Thom) and skipped merrily back to the tube to open my goodies. Exhibit A:

So many gorgeous smelling Aussie shampoos and conditioners YUM, a £50 spa voucher AND a £25 Topshop gift card. All in all it was a great fun adventure, just a little stressful for anxious people like me!

Thank you to Thom, Lauren and all the other lovely people involved. xx

I now cannot wait for part two of Project Angel which I will be blogging about very soon! For more details, and to see who else is involved, check out 'The Hub'.

ALSO folks, I am extending my contest for another week. Woohoo. So feel free to keep pimping out the blog and encouraging people to enter, and I will announce the winner in another week. Peace. x

Friday, 4 September 2009

Jumping for JoY

Hooooow nice are JoY?

I'll answer that. VERY nice. They teamed up with the new Ford Ka to bring us Go Find It (hence the picture of a Ka in my sidebar!) Bascially, they invited 14 bloggers and their plus ones to the JoY clothing store near London Bridge, and set up a fun little treasure hunt for us all.

The store....
Found one!
Our aim was to find these cute miniature Ka's which were hidden around the store, and redeem them as vouchers to spend on the gorgeous clothes they had in store.

The Go Find it team welcomed us with some adorable (and tasty) cupcakes and champage, but we were all too anxious to get our hands on the cars and get shopping!

The rapidly depleting cupcake stash
Thankfully, we managed to compose ourselves, and there was no shin kicking, hair pulling or cat fighting as there were enough cars for all of us- hurrah!

Me and Emma with our little cars. SO over excited. Bad pic but shh look at the cars!
The cars were worth an extremely generous £60, so it was very hard to whittle all my bundles of clothes/accessories/jewellery down to an affordable amount. Of course I went over the £60 but I didn't mind as I loved everything there and I am very happy with what I got!

New shooooes? Keeping in with the studded theme, clearly!
New dress. The picture doesn't do it justice at all. It is lovely though, take my word for it!
For anyone that hasn't been to a JoY store, I think you should definitely have a look online. They remind me a bit of Urban Outfitters and they have really great stuff for men and women.

Also (it keeps getting better doesn't it) if you visit one of their stores on a Friday in September, you can win the chance of finding one of the cars for yourself and getting vouchers to spend in store! Have a look on the Go Find it site for a version of that which will probably make more sense!

Also, the event was being filmed *cringe* so they may just be some footage of us scurrying round tearing the shop apart! I will put it up if it isn't too incriminating haha :)


Girls, I'm so stupid, sorry. My contest is just for UK readers this time, I'm really sorry I forgot to put that in there (I will add it now!). For those of you 'accross the pond' I will be doing another give away in the near future and I will make sure you're all included too! I'm sorryyyy x 10.

Happy blogging etc :) x

OH! And this contest is supposed to celebrate getting 20 followers! I can't give out prizes until I get to 20 that's just cheating! So either I'm going to have to extend it orrrr more people have to actually follow the blog instead of just saying enter me oui oui? Follow the leader leader follow the leader oop oop.

Too much champage?


Thursday, 3 September 2009

'There's a whole lotta fun and prizes to be won!'

Well, not loads of fun, but there are a few prizes to be won here...

I am nearly at 200 followers guys! THANK YOU everyone who reads/comments/follows my blog. I wanted to pay you back by doing a little contest of things I have 'acquired' since starting this blog back in May I think it was? Memory like a fish, can't remember!

I have lots more things to offer, but loads of them aren't in packaging or have been swatched as I get very excitable when trying new things- sorry! Anyway, if you want more just leave a comment and I'll dig out a few more things like that!

For now, here are your goodies! There's two things from the new Bodyshop collection, one Nails Inc polish in Hans Road- gorgeous colour! Two sets of Revlon glue on professional nails from their Runway collection aaand a Garnier caffeine eye roll on (One sold every minute and all that!)

How to enter...

-Follower my blog, of course!

-{EDIT}: Live in the UK Sorry guys, I'm cheap. NEXT TIME I promise. I love you all just the same *patts*

-Leave a comment saying 'Enter me' or something along those lines. You can make it more interesting, that's always good :)

-Pimp out my blog! Advertise it on your Twitter, Blogger, facebook, whatever! Eg: "There's this girl called Nicola and she has a great blog, go check it out at" :) If you do this I will enter you in twice as you are especially nice, thanks :)

On TUESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER I will find a genius way of picking one of you to win this stuffs. D'accord? Oui? Bien.

Nicolafab blog contest. DONE.