Friday, 1 May 2009


I've just finished my degree. Three years of hard work will hopefully pay off, will have to wait and see in a few months!  Anyway, this means I can start blogging again as I pretty much have nothing to do with my time now, yey! (Is this yey?!) 

I've been spending a lot more time on my make-up recently, trying to establish a few different looks, instead of always wearing browns and neutral shades. Anyway, here's two from the past few days: 
Look 1
Please excuse my extremely dodgy expression, I haven't yet found the right pose that doesn't make me look either pissed off, or over excited!
Anyway, this was a simple look because I was only going shopping. I had some cute vintage earrings shaped like peacocks (I think!) and I wanted to match my makeup to the metallic blue and pink colours on them. 

On my face I just used Maxfactor's colour adapt foundation (feels like silk and gives the most perfect light coverage), Bodyshop blush effect cheek colour, YSL Touche Eclait radiant touch, Victoria Jackson eyeshadow pallet, BarryM dazzle dust (I don't know the name but it was light blue!) Rimmel eyeliner pencil in 'azure shimmer', two coats of Number7 extreme length mascara, and Rimmel volume booster lipstick in 'foxy'.

Look 2
This is very similar (I didn't have time to try new things, had to hand my bleedin' dissertation in!) Instead of the blue colours I used POP's eye cake in 'violet eyes'. mixed with Bodyshop shimmer cubes on the brow bone.

What do you think? 

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  1. You have very pretty eyes, I like this look on you!


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