Friday, 8 May 2009

You know when you've been Tangoed

So... I went to the Trafford Centre yesterday, hoping to buy a few things for my holiday to Turkey in about a month. 
It was my first time there, as if I go to Manchester I normally head for the vintage shops and the city centre. Still, it was very nice and everything was going just fine... UNTIL:

Overly confident orange women hanging around Selfridges: "Hello madam, can I interest you in a free Fake Bake spray tan today"

Me: "Erm, well, um... well, I am pretty pale...."

Five minutes later I am removing my makeup in the middle of the Trafford centre with a BABYWIPE (I should've got out there and then), and stripping in a tiny inflatable booth in front of this random woman.

Why can't I say no? 

This was my first ever spray tan experience. I used to go on sunbeds a little but then I watched a documentary about skin cancer and I never went back. I think I am destined to be pale.

I ended up having to spend the rest of my shopping trip BRIGHT red (my skin is very sensitive and it didn't react well to the spray) with brown streaks over my chest and arms. Not my finest hour that's for sure. 

Anyway, after some scrubbing I have managed to get the tan more even and I think I might be able to leave the house now without people staring at me! Oh the humiliation! I am contemplating putting pics up but after I put all my makeup on it probably won't be noticeable! 

The moral of this post is SAY NO to spray tans! Embrace your natural colour!

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  1. Love Fake Bake though, probably one of the only makes that doesn't turn orange hopefully it will calm down and produce a lovely colour for you!I just ordered some Xan Tan and can't wait for it to arrive!xx


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