Sunday, 30 August 2009

Autumn awaits

Those of you who have followed me since the 'Makeover My Mate' days will know that this blog was originally more of a fashion blog, where I gave loads of makeovers and fashion advice. However, my beauty obsession has taken over somewhat, and I need to get back to my beloved fashion roots if I am ever going to land my dream job as a 'proper' journalist. I.e, with a paycheck!

Anyway, what better time to get back into the swing of things than with London Fashion Week fast approaching!

I know it's all about Spring/Summer '10 style, but I just couldn't bring myself to write about things that we won't be wearing for about another 6 months. I wanted to talk about Autumn instead as summer is pretty much over for us now *sobs*

Here's a quick run down of the things those designer folk think we should all run out and buy to replace our maxi dresses and flip flops. 'But I love my flip flops'.... Hmm... well... it's time to let go now.

KEY PIECES- Look out for these to help bring you into Autumn/Winter style without buying mountains of new clothes:

1.) Leather jacket
Gone are the days when leather was reserved for heavy metal fans and burly bikers. It is back with a vengeance and, provided you keep it black and unzipped, you're on to a winner! If you can't justify shedding out £70+ for a authentic leather jacket, there are some great PU/imitation leather versions on the high street that are certainly worth checking out. Cute cropped jackets look great with a floral mini dress, and biker-style ones are perfect for casual jeans and plimsoll days.

Net-a-Porter aren't feeling the recession! Doma biker jacket- £495

4.) 1940's Style

Yes, yes it's all about the 80's, but the catwalk has also seen a lot of emphasis on 40's inspired styles. Think classic tailoring, skinny belts, conservative necklines, and maybe even the odd muff. Ooh err!

The Sex and the City girls out on the town sporting the latest catwalk trends!

3.) Sculptured Shoulders

Your mum loved these 'back in the day' when Dynasty was the best show on TV and Cyndi Lauper was a style icon. This time around they are less puffy and don't resemble bra padding quite as much, now it's all about pointy, sculptured shoulders. Raid your mum's wardrobe and vintage shops, or just hit the high street for their take on the must have catwalk style.

Big shoulders=skinny waists. Simples!

4.) Studs
Shove them on everything! Shoes, bags, blazers, hats.... JEANS! Don't go overboard, though, studs on one item of clothing at a time please. Tasteful, not tacky!

Rare by the Saturdays are loving the studs. Dress £60 on
5.) Brogues

AKA Golf Course Chic. Brogues have become increasingly popular in both men and women's fashion over the past year or two. Love them or hate them, but you can't deny they look hot with a cute mini dress for a preppy, vintage style. If your more of a glam girl, give heeled brogues a go a la Alexa Chung.

Alexa Chung, a brogue's best friend.

What are you looking forward to wearing this season?

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Tag- 'The List'

I love this tag, and yes, it is to do with beauty because these men are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Daisy from Cupcakes and Cherries for this tag :)

Anyone who has seen 'that episode' of Friends should know what the list is all about. For the benefit of those who may not have seen it (where were you throughout the 90's?), it is a list of five people who you are 'allowed' to cheat with because, let's face it, none of us stand a chance really do we?!

Number 1- Suprise Suprise.... Robert Pattinson :)

I say no more.

Number 2- Caleb Followill (Kings of Leon)

What can I say, I like a man who's good with his hands!

Kings of Leon are my all time favourite band, and when I saw them live (FRONT ROW ehem) I am 98% certain he winked at me. Yup....

Number 3- Roger Federer

"I also play tennis"

I would love to say it's because of his 'fantastic sporting ability' but really, the picture says it all! But seriously, what a nice guy! *drools*

Number 4- Alessandro Nivola

"Voulez-vous couche avec moi, c'est soir?"

I watched Coco before Chanel on Saturday and I was hooked on this beautiful man! Even with his dodgy 'tash. Why have I never seen him before? I had to keep Audrey in this photo because she is also too pretty to cut out :)

Number 5- Matthew Fox

"Yes, YOU!"
No matter how many months he was on that bloody island he still managed to find a Tshirt to wear didn't he? Such a shame for pervs like me!

So that's my list... who's on yours?!

Woo I have an award :)

The lovely Victoria from LilylovesLola nominated me for this, so thank you Mrs! Here goes!

I have to give you all 10 facts about me and nominate 10 lovely blogs!

1. I have a huge phobia of bees and wasps and I go MAD if they come anywhere near me

2. I have loads of stomach problems, and have been told to cut out literally everything (lactose, gluten, wheat, eggs, alcohol!) This is actually the worst thing ever for me as I LOVE my food!

3. I am definitely addicted to the Twilight books (and films) and yes, I have too fallen in love with Edward Cullen!

4. Up
until the age of about 16 I really really wanted to make it in the music industry! I tried playing drums in a band, then writing songs on the piano, then just singing in a 'soul band'. I gave up on it all because I got so nervous I puked every time I performed!

5. I really want to be fluent in French. I can speak a bit but not as much as I want.

6. I have the attention span of a goldfish and I get bored/distracted so easily

7. When I was younger I went through every identity crisis possible- I was a
chav (even had a tooth gem!) a skater (yes, I tried to skateboard) a bit of a geek, AND I wanted dreadlocks so much I tried to dread my own hair. Epic fail.

8. I would love to be a TV presenter but I am a complete goof in front of a camera. Trust me, I've tried!

9. I need a PROPER JOURNALISM JOB. Can I have one please? People are clearly overseeing my fantastically witty and engaging writing (
ehem) as I have applied for about 100 jobs and received nothing back! Hmph!

10. I still haven't unpacked some of my stuff from uni. There was a LOT of stuff!

Well that's all ten. I really hope I didn't bore you all to tears. If I did, blame Victoria for tagging me, ok :)

I nominate all the faaaabulous girls who I met at the BodyShop event on Thursday to do this, and of course anybody else who wants to 'cause its raaate easy and makes a good read :)

Lots o' love

Friday, 21 August 2009

Bodyshop babes!

Right, I know this is so late, but it's the only chance I've had to talk about my wonderful day and I have lots I still need to say. Bare with me please! :)

So Thursday was the Body Shop Bloggers event where I got to meet lots of wonderful people and learn more about one of my favourite shops! I won't go on too much about how the day panned out, 'cause I think every one's covered the gist of it already. Good blogging, girls!

The event was at the shwaaanky Sketch, off Regent Street. If you haven't been there then you have too, if just for the mental 'egg' toilets! Anyway, The brilliant people at Headstream met us at the door and swiftly thrust champagne into our hands. It didn't take much persuading to be honest, nor did the many many tiers of pastries and scones which were soon to follow. *Drools!*

Enough about the food, onto the products...

The concept of the event was to introduce us to a few new lines of products including the gorgeous 'Love etc' perfume which I love, 'Soft hands kind heart' hand cream (it supports ECPAT kids, buy it), and the Precious Pearlescents makeup line.

The fantastically charismatic Chase Aston was on hand to demonstrate two very different makeup looks using the new products. One was smokey bronze style modelled by lovely Laura! And the second was an 80's inspired 'blue eyes bold cheeks' look which was fascinating to watch and looked so fun. Chase was so funny, every time he said 'pucker down sweetie' I had a breakout of the giggles!

The products that stood out the most for me were the new shimmery eye shadows which reminded me of a compact version of MAC colour craft shadows. Very summery and a good choice of colours. My only qualm was that the launch is a little late for such a summery look, but nice shadows none the less. I also loved that they can be used together with their liquid liner (I swear by that stuff) to create a really effective smokey eye. Thanks again, Chase!

The generous Body Shop lot also gave us some must have skin care products especially suited to our skin types. My skin is quite dry and sensitive, so I received the Aloe Vera moisturiser, cleanser, wash and mask. I will be using them for a week to give a more detailed review, of course! This was all in our goody bags :D

I'm worried this is rambling a bit now, so I will round off by saying a big THANK YOU to Natalie for the invite, and to the Body Shop and Headstream team for putting on such a well organised and fantastic event. I had such a good day and loved meeting every one. I can't wait to see you all again for more girly gossiping and another catching up session! :D


This is all of us squished in together after the event! Thank you Natalie for this pic. For more pictures of the event and all the people involved, lookie here and enjoy :)

Sunday, 16 August 2009

F.A.B Most Hated

So this is a bit of a rant. Sorry about that!
Just to say, I know I called these things 'Most Hated', but it doesn't necessarily mean I hate these things, just that they really annoy me or are just.. well... crap.
Does any of that make sense??

Lets get started.

F.A.B Most Hated

1.) 'I picked these up today from the drugstore'
Oh really, did you? So you flew all the way to America to get your products? No? You went to a phaaaarmacy? Oh. I see now...

2.) Collection 2000 brown liquid eyeliner

I don't know why I ever considered this might be a good product, but I was at a loose end and needed a brown liner STAT and ended up with this poor excuse for one! The packaging is horrible, the applicator sheds (I don't even know how that's possible because its a sponge, but it does), the consistently is like water, and IT'S NOT EVEN BROWN! It's pretty much black. Rubbish.

3.) Zara sale
I came, I moaned, I left empty handed. Maybe it's just the Harlequin (Watford) store, but there was nothing in there but cardigans and vest tops. Tch!

4.) Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara
I can't believe they are still hyping up this mascara. Surely anyone that has used it can notice that it smells like compost!? I didn't purposely sniff the wand, don't be thinking I'm some serial makeup sniffer, but you can't help but notice. I put it on my lashes and I could still smell it! Maybelline Collossal Volume smells the same! Anyway, so the thin and excessively too long wand does lengthen lashes (well done) but that's all it does, not curling, definitely not thickening and just generally creating horribly 'spidey' lashes. Booooo!

5.) Purposely ripped tights
'Is that a ladder in your tights or a stairway to heaven?' Good GOD women don't do it!

Get this girl some clear nail polish!

Right ladies I want to know what you're hating! Rant it out here! xxx

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Hair horror

Ugggggggggggh! All this time I have alone is getting dangerous. I have been going through lots of old photos and it is depressing me so much!

Yes, it is probably because I'm sitting in bed feeling sorry for myself and stuffing my face with carrot cake- very Bridget Jones! But it is also because I am grieving for the loss of something that was taken from me about a year ago, something I am desperately trying to get back.


Oh sweet long curly locks, why was I so cruel and hasty to lop you all off? I know I was pretentious and wanted to be cool, but now I want you back!

This is me and my friend Ben, I think it was about 3 years ago now. I'm pulling a dodgy expression but I really like my hair here :( Not so sure about his though hehe sorry Ben (emo phase?!)

No, I haven't gone mad (not yet) but I have started getting really mopey because I feel so ugly and horrible at the moment! I used to have really long hair that every body complimented me on and I could do loads with. Then I got really into short hair and decided that I HAD to change my hair. I got annoyed with it pretty much always being the same length, so did something very dramatic (for me) and got the chop!

I loved it at the time, and I noticed lots of my friends going for similar cuts which was quite flattering! haha.

Anyway, now I'm in the growing out stages, and if anyone else has been there you'll know it's hard times! I hate hate HATE my hair at the moment and it's making me hate my whole appearance! It just sits like a crazy bush around my face and never does what I want it to. I miss covering up bad face days with my massive blanket of hair! This is what it looked like short...

Jenna and me (more dodgy expressions!) A drastic hair decision which I loved at first then got really annoyed with! This was early last year when the short crop was all the rage. Very trendy but impossible to maintain.

Very 80's!

Annnd this is what it looks like now:

I have naturally wavy hair, so I can either straighten it or curl it, however during the 'growing stages' I can only have it curly, or else it looks like a mullet. Gutted :(

Is any one else in the same situation as me? And what hairstyles or tips can anyone recommend me? I am open to all suggestions, even the possibility of hair extensions!! Thanks xx

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

This little piggy went to Prague...

Hey girls,

First of all I wanted to say I'm sorry for the lack of posts recently. Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that my wonderful boyfriend whisked me off to Prague on Thursday for my (actual) birthday weekend! We had an amazing time together as we only see each other every couple of weeks :( we did lots of sightseeing and generally living it up in our stunning five star hotel with room service, champagne, the lot! We had fun pretending to be famous and rich haha.

Anyway... during my time there I managed to somehow contract swine flu. Yes, my immune system is so poor, if someone coughs in a hundred meter radius to me I will become ill.

So I have been bed bound and in isolation since Sunday. What a lovely way to end the trip (boo hooooo). I'm taking care of myself well though so hopefully I'll be on the road to recovery soon and I can bring myself to write some half decent posts again.

I hope everyone is well and I'll be back soon. Meanwhile here are a few pics from my weekend xxx

Our amazing hotel
Master navigator!
Me raiding the minibar!

Really yummy champagne :)

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Birthday night out :)

Hey ladies,

This is just a quick one to show you what I decided on for my meal and night out with the ladies...
I opted for the Urban Outfitters playsuit- successfully made smaller all over by my mum- thanks maman xxx

I HATE this picture, but it's all I had to show the outfit

Let me tell you, I love this playsuit but oh my god when I needed the toilet it was SO annoying. I had to take to unbutton the entire thing, untie the halter top and take off the belt. Not good for a night of cocktails, no no!

Anyway, on to makeup. Because of the peacock design on the dress, I opted for blue and green peacock inspired eye makeup! I had to do two attempts at this because the first was so over the top and I looked a bit drag queen-esque! In the end, thanks to some dazzle dust it all looked nice and subtle but effective.

A bigger picture of me and my fitty Keshini, so you can see my makeup more clearly...

Here are some more photos from the night, and most importantly the ice bar! Anyone who hasn't been you should definitely check it out, it's on Heddon street in Piccadilly Circus. We LOVED it and all had a great night out :)

Before we left I had a little moment with my beloved Robert Pattinson! haha

Me clearly very excited to be in the ice bar!

Us and our fetching Eskimo attire!

The very strong vodka shots, in ice glasses. Brrrrr!

Girls and our free cocktails :) Mine was blackberry crumble cocktail YUM

All in all, a great night with great friends, thank you lovelies xxxxxx