Saturday, 27 June 2009

Introducing product testers and favourites so far

I have been trying out most of the Garnier goodies for just two days now and I have already noticed a few little gems which I know I will be buying again.

Although I am very impressed with the Pure Active range and I can tell it will be great for spots and imperfections, I have quite sensitive and dry skin so a lot of these aren't really for me :( However, they have gone to a good home.

My two brothers snapped the spot products up right away! I was quite surprised at this as they aren't the most image conscious of men, but they could definitely do with a good scrub every now and then!

This is my eldest brother, Andrew, he's 23. As you can see he is clearly both shocked and impressed with his new Garnier products!! Here he is with the face wash and blackhead scrub which he describes as 'Very nice. Smells a bit like cucumber and the beads feel gooood' Great stuff, Andrew.

And here is Tim, he's 16. He didn't want me to capture his face because he was scared he might break the camera with his ugly mug. How kind of him! Of course, I am just kidding, he is actually a stud muffin. His favourites are also the blackhead scrub, and the brilliant new spot on roll on stick for spots and blemishes. Tim assured me that he 'Didn't really need them but he wanted to try them anyway'. Ok, Tim!

So thumbs up all round for the new range. They are appealing to both sexes, have a refreshing scent and are so far quite effective for clearing up problem skin! Obviously I will be keeping a close eye on my little product testers and monitoring their skin as the days go on. Poor guys!

As for me, the products that stand out at the moment are are below.

From left to right
Ambre Solaire spray on self tan: Perfect for light, natural looking and even tans. I always make sure I have some of this over the winter to brighten my pastey skin!
Clean Sensitive moisture cleansing water: For quick light feeling face washes whenever skin needs a good pick me up.
Ambre Solaire Clear Protect sun spray SPF 15: So easy to apply, doesn't feel sticky at all, and doesn't smell as strong as usual sun creams. Much less hassle all round.
Bodytonic sugar scrub: Love the yellow packaging. A bright, summery, zesty smelling scrub. Perfect for soft, smooth skin on holiday.
Fructis beach look surf hair spray: Not too sticky, perfect accompaniment to Remington Spin Curls for beachy waves and simple tousled looks.
Clean Sensitive anti-tightness wipes: Ideal for after a long day when you just can't face the usual cleanse, tone and moisturise. Makeup comes off easily and skin feels smooth and supple afterwards.
NEW Pure Active spot fighting 24 hour moisturiser: A very rich and intense moisturiser which really does seem to work for hours on end. You only need a tiny amount and the skin is immediately hydrated. I haven't noticed much on the spot clearing front as my skin is strangely blemish free at the moment. But just as a moisturiser this will not disappoint.

Thats all for now! What are your favourite products so far?

Garnier Goodies

Ok so I think everyone has pretty much covered the Garnier bloggers event by now (sorry I'm a bit behind) but I still wanted to say a few things.

Firstly, I had such a good evening meeting everyone and learning lots about a brand I admittedly didn't know that much about. I was so nervous about going as I had been in Wimbledon all day and hadn't had the chance to change or do my makeup I was in such a nightmare rush! So I rolled up all trampy and there was everybody looking GORGEOUS. Honestly, I've never seen so many pretty people all in one room it was very intimidating but everyone was lovely and I eventually relaxed and stopped stressing!

The actual event was all about the launch of the new Garnier Pure Active range, which is basically a stronger skin care range to help prevent and treat spots and troubled skin. There are five new products including a really great little roll on spot stick, a scrub, toner, wash and moisturiser, all containing Salicylic acid to target spots.

We were given a HUGE bag of products to try out, and I have already established a few clear favourites which I will be reviewing further in my next post.

I want to say a massive thank you to all the organisers of the event for inviting us and making us feel welcome, putting on a huuuge spread of food, and of course for all the goodies! And to the girls, I really enjoyed meeting you, you made it such good fun, thank you! xxx

Monday, 22 June 2009

Pimp my MUM

I am so happy to be home! I loved uni but being in a nice house surrounded by my family feels so much better.

Today me my mum and grandma went out to dinner to celebrate me finishing uni and coming home.

Naturally I jumped at the chance to get all girly and make a fuss, turning up at my grandma's with a huge makeup bag and hair products!

I had to take some pictures to show you because they are the best they deserve the recognition :) Plus, check out my mum. Hot stuff!

Maman after I did her makeup :) xxx

Mum and Grandma. You can see the resemblance!

Me and maman. Note, I do have other shirts. Pure coincidence :P

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Summer skin and outfit post

Since my holiday (yes, I will shut up about it soon, promise!) My skin has been really smooth and the blemishes have gone down. I've got used to wearing very little makeup at all now. I wanted to take a picture to show what it looks like and what products I've used for this summery look. This picture was taken just now, so some of the makeup has come off. Sorry about my lazyness!

Face: Body Shop tinted moisturiser all over
Bourjois blush pot in 33 Lilas D'or
Prestige minerals bronzer as a contour (not that you can see any of this in the picture!)
YSL Touche Eclait as a highlighter around eyes
Estee Lauder eyeshadow quad in 02 Amber Honey
Rimmel soft kohl eye liner in 071 pure white
ELF liquid liner in brown
2 coats of Benefit Bad Gal mascara (free from Glamour mag, very nice actually!)
Lips: Carmex lip balm!

Also, that's my new pashmina from a crazy man on a stall in Turkey. I love the colours, and I literally haven't taken it off since I've returned home. Ew!

Oh this is another picture I took earlier in the day. I didn't want to put it up for obvious reasons that I look hideous, and am in a very dodgy (or rather, doggy haha) position crouching over the mess in my room trying to get to the mirror. But you can see my face a bit better...

As for outfits, I HATE asking people to take pictures of me, it is very embarrassing. Also, I try to refrain from taking mirror pictures as I think they look a bit tacky. However, I have managed to salvage one from my holiday. It's not my favourite, but it'll do.

Top: Random boutique in East London, wedges: New Look (very old), shorts: Topshop, clutch: Shellys, London.

Feel free to tell me what you think?! If anyone has any tips on how to take good outfit pots or anything, please let me know! I need your help!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Jimmy Choo at H&M

I have just come across a rather exciting piece of news I had to share with you all.

Brace yourselves label lovers....

According to WWD, Jimmy Choo will be coming to H&M at the end of this year making their sexy, stylish designs available at high street prices.

H&M have seen many collaborations in the past, with well known designers including Roberto Cavalli, Matthew Williamson and Stella McCartney.

Now, much to my delight, there will soon be a range of shoes, handbags, accessories and clothing available for men and women, in selected H&M stores from November 14.

I don't know about you but I am very excited about this one, and as soon as I know more on this I will let you all know.

For the mean time here's a sneaky peak of two designs. Loving the black strappies on the left :)

What do you think, is anyone else excited? Or does anyone think this is a bad idea?

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

C'est Fin


I have just had my results back and I am happy with my 'high 2:1'. I am so glad that all the hard work has finally paid off. 

Good Luck for anyone else who may be getting their results soon, or who is still doing work and exams. It is well worth all the stress and drama in the end :) xx

Homeward Bound!

I've just returned from my lovely holiday in Turkey. It was a group holiday with 14 of us heading off to Marmaris to celebrate all finishing our degrees and spending time together before we went our separate ways. I realise how 'Benidorm' this may sound (and at times it really was)... but please, for give me, I am a poor student.

Anyway, we all had a great time sunning ourselves in the gorgeous 40 degree heat! It was too hot to get a good tan but I tried my best nevertheless!

Holiday Highs:
*Jumping off the highest point of a boat into the sea even though I'm scared of heights!

*Finally getting a REAL tan, and not burning my nose like I do every year!

*Piz Buin aftersun cream. I was a bit stupid and didn't bring any after sun with me, 'Cocoa butter will do'. No. It didn't. Thankfully my dear chum Martin had splashed out on a lot of Piz Buin products beforehand, so I nabbed some of the cooling spray to soothe my poor burnt tummy!

*No makeup days and nights. I am a big fan of the natural look, I hate makeup that looks too 'cakey'. Thankfully, the sun really evened out my skin tone and I was able to just go out with a bit of bronzer and concealer on the cheeks, and mascara on the eyes. Simples!

*Souvenir shopping! Of course I have to still go shopping even when on holiday. It was a bit difficult though as there were so many of us (and more than half were men) so I didn't get much makeup shopping time. I did, however, end up with a gorgeous multi coloured pashmina, the new Nina Rici perfume which is a sweet but light scent- very different to my usual Dior Addict and Coco Mademoiselle and some cute little summery bracelets. I bought some little things for the family too, but I haven't seem them yet so they have to wait for those :)

Holiday Lows:
* Bad IBS. I have a really weak stomach and almost everything I eat/drink makes me feel sick. The heat and the long hours without eating made me much worse, which meant I couldn't drink as much as my friends who got to indulge on lots of cocktails and fishbowls while I was on water!

*SUNBURN Owwwwwwwwwwwwww. I stupidly forgot to reapply my cream after being in the pool one day and really burnt my stomach and chest. It has gone quite a lot now but I am still patchy and lets just say no crop tops for me!

*Food poisoning. Yes, as a parting gift from our supposed 4* hotel, I have been poisoned! It wasn't a very pleasant journey home feeling like I was literally DYING. But I am back home in bed resting and it just means I have plenty of time for blogging and catching up with my lovely followers!

Sorry if this was a bit of a ramble, I'll be back with more reviews and things very soon! Xxx

Saturday, 6 June 2009

3 new and completely random things I love this week

Yes, I could have thought of a more catchy and generally better name for this blog title. But, since finishing uni I have become officially brain dead. Or at least it feels that way.

So, due to my lack of inspiration right now, I have decided to talk about my latest and favourit(ist?) purchases of late!

Ok so in no particular order (naturally)

1.) Remington Spin Curls hair dryer. I know I can't stop raving about it but it is brilliant and I haven't had to use any other curlers/straighteners or anything since! Buuuuy one! Click on the link and it will take you to my review and some pics...

2)Prestige Glam Tan bronzer. I normally stick to blushers as a rule, after a rather unpleasant experience with some cheapo bronzing balls a few years back. Balls everywhere, ruined makeup bag, orange streaky face. Total disaster. Anyway, I faced my fears and invested in a new one, as I'm sick of looking pale and I don't like fake tanning my face. (Yes, there are a lot of things I don't like!) I had seen a few good reviews of this bronzer, and after trying my friends one on a night out, I decided I had to have it.
It is a good size, and is very well pigmented so you don't need too much on the brush. It gives a really nice natural looking golden glow, great for day time and because of the little highlighting bits (very technical!) it gives a good shimmer, which works nicely for evening looks too.
Thanks to Bubblegarm for this picture- my camera was out of battery again!
It was on offer at Boots the other day- I think it was about £3 off so around £6

3.) Nivea Visage Tinted Moisturiser. During the summer there's nothing worse than makeup sliding all over your face in the heat and/or going all cakey. So thank heavens to Betsy I found this little gem! I have tried the Body Shop's tinted moisturiser and although it is very moisturising, the colour is too orange for my pale complexion and it doesn't last very long either. So, the Nivea tinted moisturiser is much lighter but has a better staying power on the face, even in the really hot weather we've been having! And you can pick it up for just £4 in Boots at the moment. C'est superb!
What are your favourite things this week? x

Thursday, 4 June 2009


Hey guys, just letting you know, when I changed my blogger URL I didn't realise but it didn't work properly.
Sooo you need to add the new one to your following lists because makeovermymate dosn't exist! Sorry I'm so rubbish with this technology haha

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