Thursday, 14 May 2009

Dita Von Teese makeup?

I forgot to mention... MAKEUP for the ball! I was thinking Dita Von Teese's red lips (to match the dress) and simple eye liner with big lashes? Can anyone think of any other options that would look nice? I have quite pale skin now the dodgy spray tan is wearing off, and I want something simple but effective. 

Any ideas what to do? 


  1. I think that would look gorgeous, personally I'd let the dress do the talking and leave your face simple. Play up your gorgeous eyes with a smokey eye and lashes then pale lips!what about hair?!xx

  2. Yeah smokey eyes would be nice and I can use my new eyelashes :P I am tempted for a bit of red on the lips still tho, maybe not as much as Dita's! I want my hair up but wavy maybe with some plaits? O I don't know I need help! lol x

  3. That's a great dress! I agree with Holly in that the make up should be simple, but I'd flip it around and go for bold red lips and minimal eyes. Just lashes and some mascara, and maybe very pale/nude eyeshadow. And how about putting curls in your hair? If it comes out too curly you could just run your fingers through a few times and make it wavy!

  4. I will be curling my hair definitely, I don't like it straight at the moment, its turning into some sort of mullet! Thanks for the ideas :) x


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