Sunday, 31 January 2010

New makeup!

This was a good weekend for new purchases! IMATS on Saturday contributed tremendously of course, and I now have lots of new things to amuse myself with until my next 'haul' (still hate that word, sorry!)

First things first, IMATS was SO busy I didn't get to go to any of the seminars, and some counters were so rammed I couldn't even see the products on offer.

The best thing about the event (aside from gawping at the amazing models) was getting to discover new products which I would never know about or get to try out.

The only word to describe this picture is FIERCE!

I was a bit in love with this one!


There were a few brands that really stood out for me, including Naked cosmetics, Crown Brushes, Eve Pearl makeup and MUD.

Naked cosmetics had the biggest range of pigments I have ever seen! The come in little pots similar to Barry M and they had literally every colour imaginable. I was fascinated at how they could be mixed with water and even lip gloss and still look amazing. I really wanted to get some samples of these to try out, but I wasn't feeling generous enough to fork out the £60 they wanted for a stack of six colours.

Next there were the Crown brushes which I know a lot of bloggers have already been using and loving. I had hoped to get a brush set (with roll) for a very reasonable £20 but the crowds were so big and they wouldn't let me pay on card there which was a pain, but I will probably be buying these online soon :D

Eve Pearl cosmetics were also really impressive, the pallets were great for all complexions and also, how nice is Eve?! Sherin and I were talking to her for ages and watching her work her magic!
Sherin and Eve modelling her award which we kept calling the golden globe- oops!

Now, on to my favourites... Make up designory (MUD). I was drawn to this stall as I am a sucker for eyeshadows and they had a large range on display staring at me! I got to speak to the vice president of the company and he gave me lots of gorgeous products to sample which are so perfect for me. I got a 12 pan pallet of neutral shades which I love as well as a lip glaze and lipstick in a nude/pink colour (another favourite) and some lip liners too. So yes, extremely happy with these. The colours are brilliantly pigmented, they have a very extensive range and all the products were designed by makeup artists, so they really know what we want :)

Lots of lovely stuff to try! Also check those feather lashes I can't wait to crack them out!

Woah I have written way too much already. I have lots more to share with you but I will save it for another, more structured post, sorry!

Has anyone else tried any of these products? Am I just really slow off the mark? Probably... Still, thoughts please!


Friday, 29 January 2010


Tomorrow. 11pm. I’m there. Who else is?

Ermmm, does it matter that I know nothing about makeup I just ‘think it looks nice and that’. Will people suss me out?

Will I get thrown out if I mention that I don’t actually use a primer, and I think more than £15 is a rip off for a foundation?


Still, I’m going because I think it could be fun, and I hope to meet lots of nice interesting bloggers new and old Okaaay?

So let me know if you’re going and we can potentially meet up and talk makeup over a cupcake. (There better be cupcakes!)


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Aussie day in Leeds

Evening ladies!

Just a quick one about my night in Leeds yesterday working with the Aussie angels who were hosting their own Australia day party.

Daisy, Kelly and Victoria were the three lovely bloggers who were chosen to host the event, we merely provided them with a budget and helped them organise whatever they wanted to celebrate in style :)

After getting off to a fairly rocky start what with being late getting to the venue, then having issues with ID and unnecessarily strict doormen, the rest of the night went much more smoothly (thank god!)

Tiger Tiger's Groovy Wonderland was kitted out to the max with Aussie flags, a ton on inflatables and of course the all important Australian celebs masks. Ahh Harold you sexy beast.

I had a great time meeting the lovely northern lot again and breaking my back doing limbo! We took loads of pictures on a very snazzy (yes, snazzy) instant camera, but here's a few others I took on my own camera which should sum it all up pretty nicely!

It was a looooong drive from London to Leeds, but with a car full of inflatables and a lot of cheesy music we made it in the end!

La ROO! I grew very attached to this little guy during the night!

Me, Harold, Harold's three chins...

Lovely ladies modelling the Aussie props there!

I've uploaded the rest to the work Flickr site, so it's here if you want to see more :)


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Back in the game!

Hello ladies... Did you miss me? Feel free to lie :-)

I'm sorry for being a stranger, but you should know that during my blogging absence I've still been following all your blogs like the little silent stalker that I am just wishing I could find the time to get back into it again.
So anyway, I know I wont be able to post as much as I did over the summer, but I will give it a good shot because my god we have a lot to catch up on!
I wont ramble on with stories of the past few months, but here are a few pictures that should sum it all up pretty nicely...

I know bonfire night was ages ago but this still makes me chuckle!

The amazing goody bag I got at the Revlon Double Twist launch. It was such a lovely afternoon tea and cakes the Dorchester :) My love for Cherries in the snow has been reignited, and the new colour stay foundations are spot on!

I met some lovely ladies at the Tampax swishing party we hosted at work. Clothes, cupcakes and trannies makes for a brilliant night!

New Years eve at Punk! Was a strange night and most of it a blur, but was fun!

Snowww! It drove me mad when I had to get to work, but was worth it for the late night sledding!

Ahh it's good to be back, I've missed this crazy little community we have here :-) Oh and P.s, yes, I still haven't found a kind person to help me make my blog as buff as I had hoped, so we're stuck this this old-but slightly altered- version for the forseable future!

Peace! xXx