Friday, 8 May 2009

New shoes :)

My Trafford Centre trip wasn't totally unsuccessful, I did manage to buy this gorgeous pair of wedges from H&M, at an extremely reasonable £25 :D They are quite different but I really love them. I'm considering replacing the laces with some ribbon though, to make them a bit more subtle. 

I plan to wear them with harem trousers or Jeans and a nice summery blouse. I've tried them on with dresses and they work quite well too. The only thing stopping them from being perfect, is the fact the wedge is canvas and cream, so I fear they will be getting very dirty quickly. I hope not!


  1. yey thank you. They have some that I know you'l love in there at the moment. Lots of browns, tans and creams! We have to go shopping! x

  2. I love those shoes. They'd go well with loads of summery stuff.
    P.S. I don't know if you remember, but we went to school together...

  3. wow SHERIN! HIII!!! Will add your blog, we have to catch up, so random! :) xx

  4. Love those cute shoes, will check out H and M shoe section later, going shopping after a morning of revising!xx


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