Friday, 22 May 2009

New e.l.f products. Warning, contains a lot of complaints!

I was so excited when my six new e.l.f products arrived for me to try out yesterday. I wanted to like them so much. At £11 for two nail polishes, two eye shadows, an eye liner and a lip balm, and free delivery, I couldn't believe my luck!

I was impressed with the cheap price (I'm a bit of a bargain hunter/cheapskate!) and the speedy three day delivery. However, everything I got let me down in some way.

The nail polishes I ordered were Coral and Plum. The coral had leaked in the post, and instead of resembling the colour swatch on the website, it comes out really pearlecent and not at all coral. And the plum looks more like a brown, but I do quite like the colour. However, I put them on yesterday, and by today they had chipped so much I had to take it all of completely. Very sad story!

As for the mineral eye shadows, these were more impressive, but still nothing to shout about. I received Temptress and Royal. Although they are not very pigmented, the purple one was quite pretty, and made a nice smokey eye for a night time look. Temptress, however, looked almost beige on the website, but in the pot it is like a pink blush, and on my eyes it made me look ill! I managed to tone it down with another gold colour I had, but on its own it is not a good look at all, unless you're looking for sympathy or a day off work!

My interesting method of showing the nail polish colour (thumbs up for colour, down for quality!), eye shadows (first temptress, second royal), eye liner, and an overly excited facial expression!

I also ordered their waterproof eyeliner pen in Coffee, because my holiday is in two weeks and I needed something to stop me looking like a complete mong when I'm around the pool! I was surprised there wasn't any form or click to refill function, or something to produce more product. It is literally a felt tip pen for eyes. It is relatively easy to apply and gives a nice wide eye effect to line eyes but not as bold as a black kohl or liquid liner. This product is certainly not waterproof as advertised.

I tested it by splashing water over my face (not a pleasant task, but that's dedication for my readers!) and naturally, it didn't pass the rigorous test! So, if you're looking for a very cheap quick fix liquid liner, this product is fine, just don't expect it to last for very long! 

Finally, to round of my mass moan (sorry folks!) there is the Candy Shop lip gloss tin. I opted for cherry, as I love cherry flavours/smells. What a don't love is a horrible coffee smell that has no resemblance to cherries, and tastes as bad as it smells. OH DEAR. The colour is very bright and looks quite nice on the lips. It also lasts for quite a while. Still, the horrible smell ruins it for me and again I was disappointed

Has anyone else had similar problems with e.l.f products, or am I just missing the mark completely? What do you think of their products? 


  1. I have never tried e.l.f. products before; but once I was going to buy some, and my sister stopped me. As far as I know, Nordstrom recently acquired e.l.f., and are going to change the packaging; so beware.

  2. oh dear that is not good! i ordered a some stuff a few months ago, i actually thought the makeup itself was ok, i just hated the cheap and plasticky packaging so much that i gave them away to friends! x

  3. Yeah I think the cheapy look means you know it can't be that good. I think it put me off a lot! What did you buy? I'm changing my mind on the eye liner pen, Its nice for barely there makeup days! :)

  4. I tried their Hypershine lipgloss and the All Over Colour stick but wasn't impressed with either of them.. No, it's not just you! :)

  5. Phew! Thanks, I was begining to think I was too harsh! x

  6. I am in love with the elf mineral e/s. I have darker skin and think they are quite pigmented even without a primer. I have the same eyeliner in black and I think it does its job for one dollar. Anyway, I do beg to differ on the e/s, they are amazing.

  7. Anonymous- Thank you for your comment! I should really do an edit on this as after a few more attempts with some of these products, I did grow to like them a little more! The eyeliner still hasn't dried out which is brilliant as it was ages ago I bought it now! However I still don't like the eyeshadows, but I think that's down to the colours I chose, the temptress was very sheer and the other was just not my taste at all. Thanks again for your comments :)


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