Sunday, 2 August 2009

Birthday night out :)

Hey ladies,

This is just a quick one to show you what I decided on for my meal and night out with the ladies...
I opted for the Urban Outfitters playsuit- successfully made smaller all over by my mum- thanks maman xxx

I HATE this picture, but it's all I had to show the outfit

Let me tell you, I love this playsuit but oh my god when I needed the toilet it was SO annoying. I had to take to unbutton the entire thing, untie the halter top and take off the belt. Not good for a night of cocktails, no no!

Anyway, on to makeup. Because of the peacock design on the dress, I opted for blue and green peacock inspired eye makeup! I had to do two attempts at this because the first was so over the top and I looked a bit drag queen-esque! In the end, thanks to some dazzle dust it all looked nice and subtle but effective.

A bigger picture of me and my fitty Keshini, so you can see my makeup more clearly...

Here are some more photos from the night, and most importantly the ice bar! Anyone who hasn't been you should definitely check it out, it's on Heddon street in Piccadilly Circus. We LOVED it and all had a great night out :)

Before we left I had a little moment with my beloved Robert Pattinson! haha

Me clearly very excited to be in the ice bar!

Us and our fetching Eskimo attire!

The very strong vodka shots, in ice glasses. Brrrrr!

Girls and our free cocktails :) Mine was blackberry crumble cocktail YUM

All in all, a great night with great friends, thank you lovelies xxxxxx


  1. You look Gorgeous! The Ice Bar looks so cool too!! Hope you had a great Birthday :D Lots of Love xoxoxo

  2. i love that playsuit :) hope u had a great birthday! that ice bar looks fun too x

  3. Looks amazing, i so want to go to that ice bar""xxhappy birthday!xx

  4. Thanks girls. I still haven't had my birthday yet, its actually next week but I'll be away so had to move it forward! lol xxxxx

  5. I love the suit on you! You're making me want one!!

  6. Glad you had a nice birthday.
    I've tagged you on my blog x

  7. Aww you look gorgeous!I've always been put off playsuits coz of the awkardness factor when going to the ladies!ha ha

  8. You're the only person i know who would look good in playsuit!! Looking lush hon...very nice indeed! Im always very jealous of how much of a style icon you are!! hehe.x

  9. LOVE your playsuit! Urban Outfitters is heaven. Aswell as Robert Pattinson. Yum.



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