Friday, 21 August 2009

Bodyshop babes!

Right, I know this is so late, but it's the only chance I've had to talk about my wonderful day and I have lots I still need to say. Bare with me please! :)

So Thursday was the Body Shop Bloggers event where I got to meet lots of wonderful people and learn more about one of my favourite shops! I won't go on too much about how the day panned out, 'cause I think every one's covered the gist of it already. Good blogging, girls!

The event was at the shwaaanky Sketch, off Regent Street. If you haven't been there then you have too, if just for the mental 'egg' toilets! Anyway, The brilliant people at Headstream met us at the door and swiftly thrust champagne into our hands. It didn't take much persuading to be honest, nor did the many many tiers of pastries and scones which were soon to follow. *Drools!*

Enough about the food, onto the products...

The concept of the event was to introduce us to a few new lines of products including the gorgeous 'Love etc' perfume which I love, 'Soft hands kind heart' hand cream (it supports ECPAT kids, buy it), and the Precious Pearlescents makeup line.

The fantastically charismatic Chase Aston was on hand to demonstrate two very different makeup looks using the new products. One was smokey bronze style modelled by lovely Laura! And the second was an 80's inspired 'blue eyes bold cheeks' look which was fascinating to watch and looked so fun. Chase was so funny, every time he said 'pucker down sweetie' I had a breakout of the giggles!

The products that stood out the most for me were the new shimmery eye shadows which reminded me of a compact version of MAC colour craft shadows. Very summery and a good choice of colours. My only qualm was that the launch is a little late for such a summery look, but nice shadows none the less. I also loved that they can be used together with their liquid liner (I swear by that stuff) to create a really effective smokey eye. Thanks again, Chase!

The generous Body Shop lot also gave us some must have skin care products especially suited to our skin types. My skin is quite dry and sensitive, so I received the Aloe Vera moisturiser, cleanser, wash and mask. I will be using them for a week to give a more detailed review, of course! This was all in our goody bags :D

I'm worried this is rambling a bit now, so I will round off by saying a big THANK YOU to Natalie for the invite, and to the Body Shop and Headstream team for putting on such a well organised and fantastic event. I had such a good day and loved meeting every one. I can't wait to see you all again for more girly gossiping and another catching up session! :D


This is all of us squished in together after the event! Thank you Natalie for this pic. For more pictures of the event and all the people involved, lookie here and enjoy :)


  1. He was ace wasn't he! lol "pucker down sweetie".


  2. Brilliant day hun cant wait for the next!
    PS - How white is my neck on the pic? lmao! shame! xx

  3. I love that in the group photos I am hardly ever looking into the camera- and I'm crouching so I look even shorter! haha.

    I need to post about this tomorrow :)

  4. I have tagged youuu!


  5. Looks like good fun deary, I bet you all smelt really good lol xxxx

  6. this looked like such a fun event to go to, you lucky lady :D
    and those products look lovely, i am tempted to go buy some now!
    x x x


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