Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Hair horror

Ugggggggggggh! All this time I have alone is getting dangerous. I have been going through lots of old photos and it is depressing me so much!

Yes, it is probably because I'm sitting in bed feeling sorry for myself and stuffing my face with carrot cake- very Bridget Jones! But it is also because I am grieving for the loss of something that was taken from me about a year ago, something I am desperately trying to get back.


Oh sweet long curly locks, why was I so cruel and hasty to lop you all off? I know I was pretentious and wanted to be cool, but now I want you back!

This is me and my friend Ben, I think it was about 3 years ago now. I'm pulling a dodgy expression but I really like my hair here :( Not so sure about his though hehe sorry Ben (emo phase?!)

No, I haven't gone mad (not yet) but I have started getting really mopey because I feel so ugly and horrible at the moment! I used to have really long hair that every body complimented me on and I could do loads with. Then I got really into short hair and decided that I HAD to change my hair. I got annoyed with it pretty much always being the same length, so did something very dramatic (for me) and got the chop!

I loved it at the time, and I noticed lots of my friends going for similar cuts which was quite flattering! haha.

Anyway, now I'm in the growing out stages, and if anyone else has been there you'll know it's hard times! I hate hate HATE my hair at the moment and it's making me hate my whole appearance! It just sits like a crazy bush around my face and never does what I want it to. I miss covering up bad face days with my massive blanket of hair! This is what it looked like short...

Jenna and me (more dodgy expressions!) A drastic hair decision which I loved at first then got really annoyed with! This was early last year when the short crop was all the rage. Very trendy but impossible to maintain.

Very 80's!

Annnd this is what it looks like now:

I have naturally wavy hair, so I can either straighten it or curl it, however during the 'growing stages' I can only have it curly, or else it looks like a mullet. Gutted :(

Is any one else in the same situation as me? And what hairstyles or tips can anyone recommend me? I am open to all suggestions, even the possibility of hair extensions!! Thanks xx


  1. my sisters the exact same, she went from having hair past her bust, to cropping it like victoria beckham.
    It's not bob-like and she also hates it, to the point where my mother almostttt got her some extensions at the hairdressers. bad times.

    you're not alone love.
    becky x

  2. ahh Oh no bad times indeed! It all seems like such a good idea at the time doesn't it! I hope she has more luck than me with growing hers! x

  3. Nikki your hair looks nice how it is! Spesh wavy, it suits you.

    I sometimes wish mine was short. It's too much effort doing things with it when you have like 10 mins to get ready aaaannndddd I know it hasn't been cut for religious reasons but man am i beginnin to notice my split ends! I never knew what they were until i came to uni LOL

    Oh dear xx

  4. I don't know wether or not to grow my hair, I'm in a bit of a muddle about it. I love it when it's super short because I barely have to do anything to it but I miss my long hair. But then I just think whats the point of growing it as I'll probably lop it off when it gets long anyway! Argh I don't know what to do, but it's in this horrendous mid length stage where it looks really quite crap and all my layers have grown out and my fringe is horrible and this is a really long comment so I'll shut up now! hahaha

    Bhav x

  5. Sunny! I didn't know it was for religious reasons, I just thought you were too much of a woos to cut it haha. I don't want you to cut it though I love how you can have the worlds best buns AND longest plaits!!

    Bhav I loooove your hair that length, remember when I tried to get mine like it and it didn't work and I had serious hair envy! I'm sure it looks lovely still. The mid length stage is a pain in the arse, but short definitely suits u! :) x

  6. Alright, I'll just buy a really long wig if I ever feel the need to have long luxurious locks ala Sunny! and yeah I do remember your hair envy.. which was unneccessary as I barely even put a brush through my hair when it was short, what a skank lol x

  7. lol you don't need to its fine. When I had my wee bob I never brushed it. I'm talking NEVER. Ew! x

  8. It really suits your short Nic!gorgeous, I spy a little Lily in the bottom photo hahaxx

  9. ARGH! Just noticed this post...oh my word. I was hammered in that pic, i look a state!
    You're not the only wanting their long hair back...mine was way long yeeears back and i've wanted that back for so long now.
    You are beautiful either way but i definitely prefer long hair!

  10. I think it looks really nice but my hair is 'growing out' after it all FELL out from over bleaching!

    at the very bottom of this is some pictures of my hair, it's a bit longer than yours but i reckon it is the same style!! I like to add the little plaits as you can see in my hair and also I often add a clip in flower or something to spicen it up :) Maybe just experiment with plaited hairbands, plaiting your own hair, messy pony tails and buns.

    If you read that post as well you will hear how GOD AWFUL glue in extensions are. Also your hair is short so it will be difficult to cover where your hair 'ends' and the extensions begin so you will need a lot as it's not just adding some length it will obviously have to hadd substantian volume to make it seem as if your hair is all long!

    if any of this helped or you like my blog please follow it :) i'm loving reading yours!xx

  11. Hi Jennifer, thanks for the advice. I am following your blog now! I love the little plaits you've put in your hair. I've found plaits and messy ponytails are the best way to salvage my hair on 'BHD's! The glue in extentions sound awful, poor you I'm glad you recovered from your hair horror in the end! xx


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