Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Woo I have an award :)

The lovely Victoria from LilylovesLola nominated me for this, so thank you Mrs! Here goes!

I have to give you all 10 facts about me and nominate 10 lovely blogs!

1. I have a huge phobia of bees and wasps and I go MAD if they come anywhere near me

2. I have loads of stomach problems, and have been told to cut out literally everything (lactose, gluten, wheat, eggs, alcohol!) This is actually the worst thing ever for me as I LOVE my food!

3. I am definitely addicted to the Twilight books (and films) and yes, I have too fallen in love with Edward Cullen!

4. Up
until the age of about 16 I really really wanted to make it in the music industry! I tried playing drums in a band, then writing songs on the piano, then just singing in a 'soul band'. I gave up on it all because I got so nervous I puked every time I performed!

5. I really want to be fluent in French. I can speak a bit but not as much as I want.

6. I have the attention span of a goldfish and I get bored/distracted so easily

7. When I was younger I went through every identity crisis possible- I was a
chav (even had a tooth gem!) a skater (yes, I tried to skateboard) a bit of a geek, AND I wanted dreadlocks so much I tried to dread my own hair. Epic fail.

8. I would love to be a TV presenter but I am a complete goof in front of a camera. Trust me, I've tried!

9. I need a PROPER JOURNALISM JOB. Can I have one please? People are clearly overseeing my fantastically witty and engaging writing (
ehem) as I have applied for about 100 jobs and received nothing back! Hmph!

10. I still haven't unpacked some of my stuff from uni. There was a LOT of stuff!

Well that's all ten. I really hope I didn't bore you all to tears. If I did, blame Victoria for tagging me, ok :)

I nominate all the faaaabulous girls who I met at the BodyShop event on Thursday to do this, and of course anybody else who wants to 'cause its raaate easy and makes a good read :)

Lots o' love


  1. Number 7 = lol!

    I was a goth believe it or not! Then a very popular 'susie high school' type. Ah to be young again!

    You would be a brill tv presenter! xx

  2. LOl you would make a hilarious goth! haha should I send off an application for Blue Peter, see if they take me on? Is that even on Tv anymore? x

  3. no 6 and 7 are too funny! :D

  4. I'm looking for a picture to show the tooth gem now! x

  5. ha I had a tooth gem too - I thought it was so cool, it really wasn't :P x

  6. You would be such a good presenter! Yesss- apply for Blue Peter! Your chances of meeting Robert Pattinson would increase a million per cent hehe x

  7. Yaaay tooth gem memories ha ha and you wanting dreds like sooz of asif o dear- good job one has become more fashionable my dear xxx

  8. hiya, I have coeliac disease so no gluten for me! :-( I only got diagnosed a few years ago so i know how hard it can be cutting things out (especially pizza mmmm) the dreads comment made me laugh! I tried home dying the ends of my hair pink and blue at one point as it was ''in'' this also resulted in an epic fail haha xxx


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