Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Tag- 'The List'

I love this tag, and yes, it is to do with beauty because these men are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Daisy from Cupcakes and Cherries for this tag :)

Anyone who has seen 'that episode' of Friends should know what the list is all about. For the benefit of those who may not have seen it (where were you throughout the 90's?), it is a list of five people who you are 'allowed' to cheat with because, let's face it, none of us stand a chance really do we?!

Number 1- Suprise Suprise.... Robert Pattinson :)

I say no more.

Number 2- Caleb Followill (Kings of Leon)

What can I say, I like a man who's good with his hands!

Kings of Leon are my all time favourite band, and when I saw them live (FRONT ROW ehem) I am 98% certain he winked at me. Yup....

Number 3- Roger Federer

"I also play tennis"

I would love to say it's because of his 'fantastic sporting ability' but really, the picture says it all! But seriously, what a nice guy! *drools*

Number 4- Alessandro Nivola

"Voulez-vous couche avec moi, c'est soir?"

I watched Coco before Chanel on Saturday and I was hooked on this beautiful man! Even with his dodgy 'tash. Why have I never seen him before? I had to keep Audrey in this photo because she is also too pretty to cut out :)

Number 5- Matthew Fox

"Yes, YOU!"
No matter how many months he was on that bloody island he still managed to find a Tshirt to wear didn't he? Such a shame for pervs like me!

So that's my list... who's on yours?!


  1. ha you pervy Paula, Rodger Federer seriously??? for a start his name is Rodger and check out that face, you're just in love with torsos! xxx

  2. Caleb Followill ♥

  3. RPatz = fookin hell. Words fail me...


  4. i agree with raoger federer. he's a tennis player so for me that's a bonus! :) i really like ryan goseling and eric bana. super cute foreigners. lol.

  5. I just tagged you on my blog!! :-) x x

  6. Robert Pattinson - Yum ♥
    I also agree with Matthew Fox, what a beautiful human he is! xo

  7. whoaaaaa!!! the first 3 person on your list is definitely on my list! LOL hotness!!

  8. Haha pretty muuch agree with it all, especially matthew fox and alessandro nivola. But i have to say; i dont find robert pattinson at all fit. Seriously what does everyone see in him?! I've heard that he smells and i think hes a bit odd. ha, sorry about the rant, just sharing my feelings. :D


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