Thursday, 3 September 2009

'There's a whole lotta fun and prizes to be won!'

Well, not loads of fun, but there are a few prizes to be won here...

I am nearly at 200 followers guys! THANK YOU everyone who reads/comments/follows my blog. I wanted to pay you back by doing a little contest of things I have 'acquired' since starting this blog back in May I think it was? Memory like a fish, can't remember!

I have lots more things to offer, but loads of them aren't in packaging or have been swatched as I get very excitable when trying new things- sorry! Anyway, if you want more just leave a comment and I'll dig out a few more things like that!

For now, here are your goodies! There's two things from the new Bodyshop collection, one Nails Inc polish in Hans Road- gorgeous colour! Two sets of Revlon glue on professional nails from their Runway collection aaand a Garnier caffeine eye roll on (One sold every minute and all that!)

How to enter...

-Follower my blog, of course!

-{EDIT}: Live in the UK Sorry guys, I'm cheap. NEXT TIME I promise. I love you all just the same *patts*

-Leave a comment saying 'Enter me' or something along those lines. You can make it more interesting, that's always good :)

-Pimp out my blog! Advertise it on your Twitter, Blogger, facebook, whatever! Eg: "There's this girl called Nicola and she has a great blog, go check it out at" :) If you do this I will enter you in twice as you are especially nice, thanks :)

On TUESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER I will find a genius way of picking one of you to win this stuffs. D'accord? Oui? Bien.

Nicolafab blog contest. DONE.


  1. ENter me!! I'm going back to school, and most definitely can't afford to go get my nails done. :)

  2. enter me please!! (can I enter if Im from the US? if not, thats ok, I love your blog anywho!!)
    Im following you on twitter as well and posting about this fab giveaway! :)
    thank you!! :)

  3. Enter me please :)

    I have mentioned it on my blog

    Nic :)

  4. I could have sworn I commented already...!?

    Enter me please!

    Also I tweeted about it :)


  5. Enter me please, i 'm of to Rome in 2 weeks for my brothers wedding and would love those nails.

  6. I am not in the UK.. is this open internationally? xx

  7. enter moii pleaseee, i'll post a blog post tonight ;-) xx

  8. Enter me please!

    I also tweeted:

  9. please enter me! Thank you very much chick!

  10. Dude! Enter me pur-lease!

    I will post about it tooo tomorrow - I'll leave another comment when I do. xx

  11. Hi Nicola - enter me please. I have mentioned it on my blog x x

  12. Pleaseeee enter me Nicola Fab! Hope you're having a good weekend my dear! xxxx


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