Tuesday, 15 September 2009

We have a winner!

That's it folks. Contest closed. Thank you all for entering, but we now have a winner! My good friend Sonali kindly acted as independent adjudicator and picked the name from a hat (well, bag). So....

You are the winner of my contest! Hurrah for you!

And here are some pictures to show you the very exciting and not at all original method of picking the winner.
Sonali fondling the contestants. Ooeer.
'Please stop taking photos of me now'

'God I hope there's actually something written on this piece of paper'

'Oh good, there is! :D'

That's it for this time folks. As I said, thanks for entering, and I'm sure there will be another one soon! xxx


  1. thanks hun! so happy i won - never won a competition before :0 xx

  2. Aw no worries! I'll send it out to you soon- I just need to find one of those jiffy bags! Well done xx


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