Sunday, 20 September 2009

Scholl Party Feet On Off Party (Picture heavy!)

So, yes, Saturday night was THE night! And what a great one it was too :D

The frolics started early for me and 'plus one' Bhavna (of Wardrobe) as we arrived at our gorgeous hotel at around 4. This left us two hours to get ready *thumbs up*, and no time to eat *thumbs DOWN*

Thank you for the outfit help ladies, I settled on this pretty simple dress in the end. The shoes were the best part but I have no picture of them :(

After a packet of crisps and a lot of sparkle later, we hit the lobby to meet the Scholl sista's (lol) and Myriad PR lovelies as well as the winner and other runner up and hit the party.

The event took place at 180 The Strand underneath the exhibition halls and in the same room as where the On Off catwalks had been taking place. And the catwalk was still there for us to prance around on and dance once we had some dutch courage!

Catwalk- (pre party)
As soon as we reached the door we were met with champers and some topless chaps who were handing out some much needed Scholl products- a very clever idea considering how most people had been on their feet all day at the catwalk shows!

We didn't waste any time getting this picture!
Hello there!
After polishing off our first Margaritas, Bhav and I decided it was time to work the room and do some serious shmoozing! This is when we stumbled accross fellow blogger Janaka and her friend Sindy and discovered that four were, indeedd, much better than two.

Amongst the crowds of designers, fashionistas and overly flirty french men, we then managed to spot Boy George(!) as well as Jodie Harsh and Martine McCutcheon. A random selection indeed, but a good one at that.

Flirty french man trying his luck with Sindy, Bhav and J!
Spoilsport George didn't want to have his photo taken, but we managed to grab Mr/s Harsh for a quick picture.
Boy George who?!

The night continued with a brilliant set from Soul II Soul and another from DJ's Pandora's Jukebox, coupled with a few more cocktails and some crazy stage dancing. (The party feet came in particularly handy at this stage!)

The party rounded off at around 11 leaving us with plenty of time to get back to our hotel and eat the biggest sandwich known to man, then fall asleep like the crazy party people we are!

Good grief that's a hefty sandwich!

All in all it was a really brilliant night and I am so happy and grateful to have been chosen. A massive thank you has to go to Louise Bowles at Myriad PR for everything, and of course the rest of the Scholl and Myriad girls for organising it all and treating us like princesses :)

And thank you for reading if you have made it this far, well done! xxx


  1. boo hoo so sad I couldn't come looks fab, Nic you look gorgeous very glam!!xx

  2. Jealous! Looks like a fun night. x

  3. you absolutely gorgeous...xoxo

  4. Ooooo you look fab hunni.I want that sandwich

  5. Ahh looks like lots of fun! I can so imagine you saying 'hello there' to that guy!xx

  6. I made it to the bottom lol
    Looks like a v good night :)

  7. That sandwich is making my mouth water...

    You look very pretty lady xx

  8. Oh my gosh where is your dress from? Its amazing
    Looks like you had sooo much fun

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  10. Love your outfit. It looks like you 2 had a great time!!!

  11. That looks so much fun. I am jealous!

    Kate x

  12. Thank you girls.
    The dress is just a cheap Topshop one *shhhh* lol and that sandwich, the picture doesn't even do it justice haha it was amazing! Cost £15 though! Most expensive sandwich I've ever eaten! xx

  13. Looks like a good ole showbiz bash 15 pounds for a sandwich did it even have smoked salmon in? i reaaly love the dress we need to get me something glitzy so that we can both go for a glizy night on the tiles, love you lover xxxx


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