Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Ginger drama and rant!

Hello folks, sorry for the lack of posts recently. I'm afraid it isn't likely to be much better as I start my new job on Monday and I am going to be busy busy busy but I will try and make time to blog whenever I can!

Back to the point...
I wanted to share with you my traumatic experience I received today, while having my hair cut at the Ginger Group hair salon in Enfield. For those who haven't heard of them you can read more info here.

The reason I went is because I have given up trying to grow my hair (of course) and wanted a nice wavy bob after seeing this picture:

HOWEVER, I had a bad experience at my local salon (run by middle-aged chavs) after they cut my hair wonky and not short enough. I know, I know, but I was drawn in by the (very) cheap price.

So, of course I needed it done again and chose the Ginger Group as I didn't want to go to Tony and Gay and Adee's salon was booked up. Limited options!

It started off all well and good as a nice not-too-young-not-too-old 'Senior stylist' invited me over for my consultation. I told her all about my wonky barnet which she blatantly thought I did myself, and showed her a few pictures whilst subtly suggesting that if she mucks it up I will be one un happy customer.

THEN I had this chap give me the most vigorous shampoo known to man with scolding hot water. I literally thought he was trying to rip my head off or probe my brain with his bare hands. "Is this Ok for you?"
Well, I have no skin left on my head and you've given me a headache, but please, continue!

The next few minutes were a little better, the hair cut was good, no "Wevvers noice t'day aint it!?" and I felt like she was actually concentrating on what she was doing instead of just hacking away at my precious bob.

It all turned rather sour when she offered me the option of curling my hair (supposedly like in the picture above) instead of having it blow-dried straight.


Little did I know that what she actually meant was she will spray an entire bottle of product on my hair, scrunch it, then sit me under a heater for 30 minutes whilst she went off on FACEBOOK! So as I sat there cooking under the dryer which was clearly failing at drying my hair, she went off for her break and popped back once or twice to whack another 10 minutes on the clock.

Eventually I got so annoyed with sitting watching my hair drip dry and not curl AT ALL, I decided to confront her and say that it wasn't what I asked for and that I just wanted her to dry it so I could leave.

By this point I had a complete frizzy mess and I was so red from the heat (and anger) I just wanted to run to my car and cry. She then tried to make things better by offering yet more product and scrunching it with her fingers which reeked of cigarettes, then making my hair smell too.

I was so angry and grossed out by my disgusting cigarette smelling hair that I just got up gave her the money and left as soon as I could! I paid more because I asked for a senior stylist, instead of a graduate, but honestly wish I hadn't bothered. When I got home and told my friend who said I definitely should have complained. I really wish I took a picture of the mess she created, but I had to wash my hair straight away to get the smell and product out! If your looking for a rough idea, this demonstrates it quite nicely:

Image lazily stolen from google images...
What do you guys think I should have done? I wasn't in the mood to argue I was so pissed off and wanted to cry!

Thanks for reading my massive rant, I love venting to you guys. xx


  1. I think you should complain. It doesn't matter if it's a few days later, my mum once rang up her salon a couple of days after and said how she wasn't happy and she got an appointment with the head stylist who sorted it our for free. There's nothing worse than when you can smell their manky cigarette fingers! xxx PS. Good luck with your new job!

  2. I would have been tempted not to pay but I'm such a chicken!

    My hair dresser cut shorts layers into my hair in January which I didn't ask for and I hated it! So for the 1st time in my life I complained about it and she put me some extensions in at the front and said a massive sorry.

    Go back in and get the manager to fix it?


  3. its so hard to complain when you are in the chair, they have the scissors in their hands afterall!! I've found booking in with graduates better for me as they tend to be more creative from what i have found. I would call and complain to the manager and say how unhappy you were! I used to use the ginger group branch near me but always found i was never quite happy and the had a huge staff turnover!! If you fancy travelling a bit, i have a great hairdresser!! xxx

  4. wow you really think I could complain?
    @Victoria- you were lucky to get extensions in! Wow! I would be scared to see the woman again though 'cause I kept thanking her in the beginning as I really liked the cut, it was just the styling that was awful.
    @lipgloss86 I'm glad you have heard of them I don't think anyone else will have? Where do you live lol I'm sick of going to crap hair dressers!! x

  5. I really think you should complain- send a letter- it's far less scary and you can make it sound really good! x

  6. I think you should complain! I know it's easier said than done, but still. You have every right to. Good luck if you decide to :). xo

  7. Ok I'm thinking I will write a letter tomorrow, and if get too lazy maybe just email. Maybe I should link them to my blog so they can read about my trauma haha. OR maybe not...

  8. I'd be scared to complain, but its a situation where the customer is always right, and i think they would fix it for you (if its reputable?)
    I know you think linking to your blog might be a bit far.. but at least it shows how unhappy you are and it also looks bad on them, wheras if they were to fix it it would look better on them... good publicity?
    Let us all know what happens!

  9. Geez, I hear you. I'm the same way. I look unsatisfied but I'm just too polite to tell them, cos if I told them I'd yell out loud all sorts of bad stuff!!!

    But this is your hair, you should go there and tell them, ask for a refound or something!

  10. eek, I would definitely complain if you weren't happy with it. After all you paid money for it and they should sort it out for you!

    Bhav x

  11. Defo link the blog so they can see the damage!!poor youxx

  12. OH no -sounds awful. I would love to say complain but as someone who has been on the receiving end of a bad hair cut I know I am always too much of a wimp.

    Kate xx

  13. Heey you didnt tell me about this awful experience- I will mae sure not to go there myself, yes nikki bloody complian!!! but I agree that you wouldnt want to do it while you are there are they might hack away and give you a crew cut! you poor lamb you dont have the best luck with hairdressers do you? huuuugs xxxx

  14. Every time I watch 90210 I think to myself how fabulous their hair is! Her hair especially is gorgeous!

  15. Wow, I'm so sorry! I had a similar experience last year when I opted for a cheaper salon and the woman didn't even wait for me to finish speaking before she started hacking into my hair. I wrote a blunt email to the company, and although they did nothing more than send me an automated reply, I at least felt I'd stood up for myself. I hope they make a true effort to fix it for you! Good luck! x

  16. Deffo complain. The fact you didn't get what you wanted is bad enough never mind levaing your hair smelling of cigerettes, gross!
    And deffo link them to the blog! Let us know how it goes!

  17. Aww I feel for you. A bad haircut is a truly traumatic experience at the time. Definitely phone up and complain. Make sure you know what you want from the complaint. I mean, do you even wanna go back there? If not... draw a line under it. If it were me, I'd complain and ask them to see how they can fix it (f.o.c of course).

    Hope it turns out well xxx


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