Sunday, 13 September 2009

Maybelline and Aussie pampering event

I couldn't subject you to another Maybelline event blog post as there are so many going round at the moment, so I thought I would just sum up my recent activities in one nice boring insightful post for you!

THURSDAY was another lovely event where I got to catch up with fellow bloggers, in particular the 'Leeds massive', learn more about the Maybelline New York brand and of course try out lots of nice new products. The main two being the new Pulse Perfection mascara and the Colour Sensational lipsticks both of which I have already been trying out.

Me, Carly, Daisy and Victoria

Me getting a makeover!

So far I am loving pretty much all the lipsticks- particularly galactic mauve which is something I would never normally have gone for, but I love it. They are very creamy and glide on nicely, however the staying power isn't great, unlike their 12 hour products which you literally cannot get off your face for about two days!

The vibrating mascara is a bit of a sore subject at the moment because I really had high hopes for this and was quite excited to try it, but so far I've found it pretty pointless. Although it lengthens, it makes my lashes really 'spidery' and doesn't curl at all. It is certainly not a worth rival for Rimmel Sexy Curves (*cough* much cheaper) I love that stuff.

'Are you ready to be turned on?' Ew not from a mascara thanks!

FRIDAY was one of those 'I can't leave the house I'm waiting for a phone call' days. I was waiting to see if I was the chosen one for Scholl's competition. Alas, they have moved it to Monday. Cue the panicking.

SATURDAY was my first shift back at Tottenham football ground. I work in one of the executive suits there and serve the rich folks some very expensive champers and food. It's actually really fun working there because we get to see people like Alan Sugar, the Redknapps, various players and WAGs!

Anyway, after work we (the BFF, Emma and I) dashed off to the Aussie pampering event for some blow dry action from Adee Phelan*. We got to meet lots of lovely bloggers, as well as Thom, Lauren, Tim and Camilla from 1000 Heads and have our hair premed to perfection by the stylists using the gorgeously smelling Aussie products. We then headed off to the Hospital (club) for some raw whores and wasabi nuts. Yup...
I had a great time meeting everyone and being pampered, so a big thank you to the 1000 heads team, to Aussie, and Adee Phelan for the kind use of his salon!

Poor guy, we cornered him and he couldn't escape the paps!

*He was on The Salon like five years ago and Emma used to love him :-P )


  1. the Aussie event sounds great Nic glad you had fun, let me know when you wanna come up, anytimexx

  2. Ahhh, I like that first photo of us!

    Haha I remember The Salon and Adee! The pampering evening sounds like lots of fun :)

  3. Sounds like great fun, can't wait to go!

  4. Aww that first photo is so lovely, i missed you lot was so gutted i couldnt go! And oh my god i used to LOVE Adee!!!!! How exciting!! haha xxx

  5. I loved adee on the salon! I desperately wanted to be on that show haha reality tv at its best! xxx

  6. Oh thanks for telling the truth about the vibrating mascara! I am in love with Rimmel Sexy Curves, and I wanted to know if it was better than that, but now I won't even waste time looking for it. I stay loyal to my Sexy Curves!

  7. Was that the guy that always wore the white wife beaters and had blonde hair?? If so i was totally in love with him also, but he looks so different now :/

    The vibrating mascara intrigues me but i think i would only end up with the wand in my eye- ew!

  8. Lyd- I don't want to put you off incase you might like it! Every one has different lashes, but I like mine to really curl nicely so sexy curves works better, but if you like them dark and dramatic then the Maybelline pulse perfection is good for that.

    thedicegirl- To be honest I barely remember him! My friend had to remind me, I know he always used to have a shaved head though so it probably wasn't him! And don't worry about the mascara poking you in the eye! I was worried but it actually is pretty sturdy!

    Hope that helps! xx

  9. That sounds so much fun! Thanks for telling me about the vibrating mascaras - have seen lots around and was wondering whether to invest or not.



  10. I have tagged you for an award :)

  11. Was lovely to see you (briefly) at Maybelline

  12. Wow klooks like you had a great week! I am excited for my aussie treatment :)

  13. Hey doll! Oh you look so pretty! I still haven't blogged or sorted my photos from that evening yet... Bad me! Hugs, Xxxc


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