Monday, 7 September 2009

Project Angel

If any of you lot follow me on Twitter, I'm sure you're aware of my manic stress over an Aussie treasure hunt. If not (why not? :-P) then I will explain kindly for you now.

Aussie, the company that make the most gorgeous sherbety(?) smelling hair care, have set up a 3 part event for 50 of us bloggers. The first part started on Friday, when I received this in the post...

...along with a little gold key. Naturally I panicked. "What the hell do I have to do. Agghhh what does this mean? What if I can't find it" etc etc. It took me until Saturday, which was the day of the 'treasure hunt', to work out where I had to go and persuade the Mr to come with me incase I got lost :)

Thankfully, it was pretty easy after I cracked the code National Treasure styley. Even had the 3D glasses, not that they helped much.
I gathered that Chelsea Farmers' market was on Sydney Street in Kensington and smugly made my way there. Straight away I saw a big silver box and a bored looking man sitting on a bench next to it.
I thought he was either a) homeless or b) the nice (real) Aussie man called Thom. Thankfully it was the latter.

Thom let me unlock the 'Silo' and gave me my treasure. Hurrraaaah! I didn't quite know what to do after that. Buy him a drink? Hug him? I settled on neither (sorry Thom) and skipped merrily back to the tube to open my goodies. Exhibit A:

So many gorgeous smelling Aussie shampoos and conditioners YUM, a £50 spa voucher AND a £25 Topshop gift card. All in all it was a great fun adventure, just a little stressful for anxious people like me!

Thank you to Thom, Lauren and all the other lovely people involved. xx

I now cannot wait for part two of Project Angel which I will be blogging about very soon! For more details, and to see who else is involved, check out 'The Hub'.

ALSO folks, I am extending my contest for another week. Woohoo. So feel free to keep pimping out the blog and encouraging people to enter, and I will announce the winner in another week. Peace. x


  1. Woooo see you Sat, everyone arranges their boxes so differently. Funny how all the guys names began with T.

  2. Awww cool!!! I'd love to take part in somehing like this!! :o)

  3. That's awesome! I was asked to take part too, but I had to work on Saturday. Gutted!

  4. this sounds like it was fun, even if it was a bit nerve wracking!
    i love aussie products, they smell so good <3

  5. Ahhhh super jealous I couldn't go on my own treasure hunt :(


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