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Garnier VS Body Shop skincare

Garnier Pure Active and The Body Shop Aloe range are the two skin care products I have been trying out over the past month or so in order to make my skin as flawless as possible. Here I'm putting them head to head to decide which is better in terms of effectiveness/smell/price/shelf life etc.

Please remember though, this is just my opinion, and every one's skin is different. Things that may work for some people may not work as well for others, and vice versa.

Firstly, I tested out all the Garnier Pure Active range...

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Blackhead Scrub- This smells fresh, doesn't feel too grainy despite the microbeads and can be applied gently without ripping your face off. However, it is a little gooey and if you don't take care washing it all off, it may lead to 'snotty face' (technical term, don't look it up). You know, when half way through the day you touch your face and you find a gooey patch or a little microbead. Not cool. Aside from that though, it's A-OK.

Deep Pore Wash- Nice consistency, smells like 'boy', but bearable. I use it before I go to bed. Naturally it hasn't really improved my horrible random patch of spots (gross) but it does make my face feel nice and clean before I go to bed, and that's always a good thing.

Facial Toner- I hate toners. As a dry skin sufferer, there is no place in my life for toners. But, in the name of beauty and for my love of you, dear followers, I gave it a go. Never again will I do that. It smelt even stronger of 'boy', almost burnt my face off, and just generally wasn't a pleasant experience. I gave it to my brothers though (greasy skinned chaps) and they seem to quite like it, although there were a few grumbles like 'I've still got spots' but that's just from your average unclean, spotty teen isn't it, really!

Spot-on Roll on- The name is a bit of a tongue twister- and a cheesy one at that, but aside from that, it is an average spot treater. I say average because I have had better, but I've also had worse. I actually quite like the roll on- contrary to popular opinion. It feels a bit like your deodorising your face, but again, it makes you feel clean. (I clearly have a complex about feeling dirty!) If you have a big hum dinger and want it gone by the morning, don't rely on this. But if you have a few little pimples and you need something to reduce the redness then I suggest this for you, and your brothers/boyfriends/dads(?).

Spot Fighting 24 Hour Moisturiser- I love this. But, I love it as a moisturiser and nothing more, as that is all it is good for. It has a lovely fresh scent, it's non greasy and very economical. It doesn't particularly 'fight spots', but it doesn't contribute to them or cause them, as others can do. It is a staple in my house hold, and seems like it works for everyone.

Garnier Pure Active cleans skin and helps fight spots (slowly), but it will make you smell like like an adolescent boy. The price is affordable, around £2 for each product, and available in all pharmacies and supermarkets.

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Body Shop Aloe range is recommended for 'Skin that needs gentle care '. So sensitive skin basically. It is a right pain having sensitive skin because if you have a spot or any blemishes, there's not really much available that you can use without burning your face off with an acid like toner/spot treatment, or waiting for days for your 'super sensitive' product to kick in and clear the damn things away.

Still, the Aloe range don't really claim to fight spots, they just aim to 'soothe and protect' the skin. This is something the products really manage to do successfully.

Calming Face Cleanser- A really simple, creamy cleanser. Squeezes out, rubs in smoothly and wipes off makeup or dirt or whatever you have on your face pretty easily. It almost feels like you are cleansing with a moisturiser as it is so creamy and smooth. The smell is light and doesn't linger, but the clean feeling does. A great basic cleanser, but if you require more intensive cleansing then this probably won't not be enough for you.

Calming Toner- I know what your thinking. Calming? Toner? Those words don't mix? Well, on the one occasion I did try this (I'm sorry, I just hate using toners!) I used it after the cleanser and it felt like it was finishing off the job quite nicely. My face felt even cleaner and there was no sign of irritation or burning. I still don't quite see the point of them though myself, sorry!

Gentle Face Wash- Feels like your washing your face with a foamy version of the toner. That's it. Oh, and I have used it every night (when I remember) for a while, and my skin does seem a bit clearer, so yes, it also seems to fight spots!

Soothing Moisturiser spf 15- The downfall of this range in my eyes. The product is so greasy it is like applying a cheap suncream which doesn't intensely moisturise, it just sticks on the surface like a big shiny mess. I used this once, I hated it. I then went back to it and my feelings were still the same. Boo hiss.

The Aloe range serves well for essential-yet basic-cleansing, toning and purifying. However, add the moisturiser in and you get a horrible greasy mess to your freshly cleansed skin. The products are slightly more pricey around the £6 mark, but you know what your getting and there are no false promises to 'rid your skin of spots after one application', yet it does help unclog pores thus prevent spots. Genius.

What do you think about these ranges? Has any one tried either of them? Which do you prefer? If you think you have found the perfect skin care range, let me know!


  1. Hi Nicola,

    I am pretty new to your blog but really like it so far. Are you reviewing any cruelty free ranges(they are listed on the BUAV website) It would be great to read reviews on these I always end up usng the same stuff as there isn't as much choice.


    Kate x

  2. Hi Kate, thanks for reading. I thought Body Shop were as cruelty free as it gets to be honest, I'm not very experienced in that area but I will have a look. Thanks for the heads up! x

  3. I really enjoyed this post :) I love your writing-style. And I love how the 'patch' got a mention! hehe xxx

  4. Thanks Daisy. Seems like you might be the only one lol I think this post was a little too long to sustain much interest from everyone! Oops! xx


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