Saturday, 27 June 2009

Introducing product testers and favourites so far

I have been trying out most of the Garnier goodies for just two days now and I have already noticed a few little gems which I know I will be buying again.

Although I am very impressed with the Pure Active range and I can tell it will be great for spots and imperfections, I have quite sensitive and dry skin so a lot of these aren't really for me :( However, they have gone to a good home.

My two brothers snapped the spot products up right away! I was quite surprised at this as they aren't the most image conscious of men, but they could definitely do with a good scrub every now and then!

This is my eldest brother, Andrew, he's 23. As you can see he is clearly both shocked and impressed with his new Garnier products!! Here he is with the face wash and blackhead scrub which he describes as 'Very nice. Smells a bit like cucumber and the beads feel gooood' Great stuff, Andrew.

And here is Tim, he's 16. He didn't want me to capture his face because he was scared he might break the camera with his ugly mug. How kind of him! Of course, I am just kidding, he is actually a stud muffin. His favourites are also the blackhead scrub, and the brilliant new spot on roll on stick for spots and blemishes. Tim assured me that he 'Didn't really need them but he wanted to try them anyway'. Ok, Tim!

So thumbs up all round for the new range. They are appealing to both sexes, have a refreshing scent and are so far quite effective for clearing up problem skin! Obviously I will be keeping a close eye on my little product testers and monitoring their skin as the days go on. Poor guys!

As for me, the products that stand out at the moment are are below.

From left to right
Ambre Solaire spray on self tan: Perfect for light, natural looking and even tans. I always make sure I have some of this over the winter to brighten my pastey skin!
Clean Sensitive moisture cleansing water: For quick light feeling face washes whenever skin needs a good pick me up.
Ambre Solaire Clear Protect sun spray SPF 15: So easy to apply, doesn't feel sticky at all, and doesn't smell as strong as usual sun creams. Much less hassle all round.
Bodytonic sugar scrub: Love the yellow packaging. A bright, summery, zesty smelling scrub. Perfect for soft, smooth skin on holiday.
Fructis beach look surf hair spray: Not too sticky, perfect accompaniment to Remington Spin Curls for beachy waves and simple tousled looks.
Clean Sensitive anti-tightness wipes: Ideal for after a long day when you just can't face the usual cleanse, tone and moisturise. Makeup comes off easily and skin feels smooth and supple afterwards.
NEW Pure Active spot fighting 24 hour moisturiser: A very rich and intense moisturiser which really does seem to work for hours on end. You only need a tiny amount and the skin is immediately hydrated. I haven't noticed much on the spot clearing front as my skin is strangely blemish free at the moment. But just as a moisturiser this will not disappoint.

Thats all for now! What are your favourite products so far?


  1. haha love that your bros are your new product testers!!xx

  2. Hey was great meeting you the other day, the day was amazing wasn't it! My b/f is testing out the products - so far thumbs up! I have also been using the moisturizer and spot stick and they are working really well, I also used the scrub today and that was lovely and refreshing.

    Yay for Garnier!


  3. Ah it was such a good evening. It was the first bloggers event I'd been too. Hopefully there'l be more to come now! I think I will be using the spot stick today as I woke up with a spot on my nose noooo :( Thank god I have all this stuff, I won't be needing a trip to Boots for a looong time now! xx

  4. "It smells a bit like cucumber"


    Question, would that 24 hour moisturiser work on combination skin? I need some new stuffs for my mug!


  5. I reckon definitely, yeh. Because its a moisturiser its obviously great for dry skin, but because its spot fighting it is also directed at oily skin too. It also claims to reduce blemishes and marks, so it seems like it does everything! Marvellous I say!

  6. LOVE the cleansing water too!

  7. i got my brother to test something out for me - now he's been using it about 2 months and refuses to let me take anymore photos and won't tell me what he thinks about it or anything. hope your bros are more helpful!! xx

  8. I know, I am suprised I even got a photo at all. It is true though they just took the products straight away and wouldn't pass any informative comments except for what I got out of them lol. A brave attempt on both our parts I think! xx

  9. love the blog and i love the blog design too :)


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