Saturday, 6 June 2009

3 new and completely random things I love this week

Yes, I could have thought of a more catchy and generally better name for this blog title. But, since finishing uni I have become officially brain dead. Or at least it feels that way.

So, due to my lack of inspiration right now, I have decided to talk about my latest and favourit(ist?) purchases of late!

Ok so in no particular order (naturally)

1.) Remington Spin Curls hair dryer. I know I can't stop raving about it but it is brilliant and I haven't had to use any other curlers/straighteners or anything since! Buuuuy one! Click on the link and it will take you to my review and some pics...

2)Prestige Glam Tan bronzer. I normally stick to blushers as a rule, after a rather unpleasant experience with some cheapo bronzing balls a few years back. Balls everywhere, ruined makeup bag, orange streaky face. Total disaster. Anyway, I faced my fears and invested in a new one, as I'm sick of looking pale and I don't like fake tanning my face. (Yes, there are a lot of things I don't like!) I had seen a few good reviews of this bronzer, and after trying my friends one on a night out, I decided I had to have it.
It is a good size, and is very well pigmented so you don't need too much on the brush. It gives a really nice natural looking golden glow, great for day time and because of the little highlighting bits (very technical!) it gives a good shimmer, which works nicely for evening looks too.
Thanks to Bubblegarm for this picture- my camera was out of battery again!
It was on offer at Boots the other day- I think it was about £3 off so around £6

3.) Nivea Visage Tinted Moisturiser. During the summer there's nothing worse than makeup sliding all over your face in the heat and/or going all cakey. So thank heavens to Betsy I found this little gem! I have tried the Body Shop's tinted moisturiser and although it is very moisturising, the colour is too orange for my pale complexion and it doesn't last very long either. So, the Nivea tinted moisturiser is much lighter but has a better staying power on the face, even in the really hot weather we've been having! And you can pick it up for just £4 in Boots at the moment. C'est superb!
What are your favourite things this week? x


  1. Haha who ever thought bronzing balls were a good invention?! I have experimented with them in the past, much to my mother's despair (ie little brown spots all over her lovely cream carpets - oops!!) xx

  2. I know they are so pointless! My mum actually still uses them tho. I'm trying to drive her off them! xx


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