Thursday, 5 November 2009

Jibba Jabba

Yessss, sorry about the lack of posts recently! Here are a few excuses for you:
  • I have been working very long hours and falling asleep at 10pm
  • My dad has been trying to move his new woman in and there is huge family beef
  • I can only blog on weekends
  • I have been ill
  • My boyfriend left me for the rain forest
  • I haven't bought anything
  • I ran away to join the circus
  • My phone broke
  • The Blogging community has gone sour
  • My dog ate it
Fin? Yeah, I slipped a few fibs in there too, just to keep you guys on your toes...

In other news... What the hell has been going on in our nice little on line girly community? People quitting their accounts, going mental at each other and there just seems to be lots of bad feelings going about! I think we should all remember that us bloggers are here because we enjoy it, and it's our place to be as materialistic as we like without boring our 'offline' friends/colleagues/complete strangers (?!) to tears talking about the latest Mac collection, or line at Topshop.

If you get to the stage where blogging, Youtubing or even Tweeting is just not enjoyable any more, then don't do it, just don't be run off by people being bastards to you. Unfortunately there will always be people out there who get a kick out of hiding behind a computer screen and thinking they can be as nasty as they please for whatever reason. Just rise above it that's what I say!
Honestly, why can't we all just get along and play nice? :) Good I'm glad that's sorted.

Oh wait, can't believe I forgot to mention this, my camera broke!! I am so annoyed. I took it out to take photographic evidence of the crazy fireworks party we had at my house and it just froze. This is the second time my little Samsung has failed me and I am not happy one bit. I'm now saving up for an SLR as I want to take better pictures, mine are frankly poo and I am well aware of this!

I will have to find a quick solution so I can work my way through the list of blog posts without having no pictures at all. And a blog with no pictures is like erm, a face with no nose...

Continuing the theme of lists... here are some blog posts which I will (hopefully) get round to writing for you woo get excited!
  • A review of Remmington's Wet2Straight straighteners (once I bother washing my curly mane)
  • A run down of my latest (and pretty much only) Mac products. Expect a big rant on the shitty staff in the Covent Garden store
  • Some of my current obsessions
  • And maybe even a video! Can I point out that I have now recorded 3, each one being worse than the last. I am really not cut out for YT, but a big part of me wants to keep trying- I think I just love to embarrass myself!
Ok that will do, it's nearly X factor time :)

In the mean time, here's a picture of me dressed as Lady Gaga which I never got to wear in the end but rest assured I will be cracking it out again sometime soon. Watch this space.



  1. There's been sour blogging? People quitting? Whoa, I've been lame in my (to be extended) absence!! I think we should all play nicely and just get along - constructive criticism, fine, bitchy comments, not fine.

    Yeyyy, well done for getting a post out!! I can't blog atm, too much work, boooooo.

  2. Wow you look fab as lady gaga!Nic your shrinking, you look so skinny!love ya btw!ring me!xx

  3. Lovely to read a post from you missus! The GaGa outfit looks super ACE. Hopefully there will be a fancy dress party for you to go to soon!

    I have been ignoring the sourness of the beauty community- why the dramz people?! I'm just carrying on in my little blogging bubble ;)

  4. Great pic!! Love it!

    & I can wait for all the new posts from you

    & I love X Factor :D


  5. No one messes with us on Wordpress haha.

    After tonight's result I somehow don't think you love X Factor anymore...

    BTW i heart my SLR so much. Deffo worth getting. Only probs is the size, sometimes you just cba taking it around with you and i get para about people looking at it lol.

    Sunny x

  6. Nice to have you back in the blogging world!

    I agree, if blogging ever becomes like a chore or makes you stressed, its definitely time to stop, rather than just bitch about. Its definitely all about having fun.

    And, if you think the MAC staff in the covent garden store are bad, you should see them in the Westfield store.

  7. You look AMAZING as Lady Gaga! x

  8. Tehe first time reading your blog...made me smile!

    Oh and the Remington wet-to-dry straignters are shitty...I borrowed my friend's and it made me late for school and partially singed my fringe...



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