Monday, 16 November 2009

I Don't know if you've heard but...

These straighteners are doing the rounds!

This weekend I finally got round to trying out the Remmington Wet2Straight straighteners I was sent about a week ago. I think Remmington must have cottoned on to my slight obsession with them, after my continuous plugging of the Spin Curls hair dryer (I was never sent them to review or anything, I just got given them as a present and fell in love).

I will admit at first I was a little weary, purely as despite what they say, it has GOT to be bad for your hair just blasting it with 200 degree heat and ironing it until it's dry. Still, anything that gets me more time in bed and makes my hair effortlessly fabulous is great for me once in a while (hence my love for Spin Curls!)

My first attempt was... well... a bit of a disaster. I didn't bother pinning my hair into sections as I was feeling particularly lazy, so I found it really hard to separate my wet hair and the bits I had already straightened. I also noticed that it took quite a while for the hair to dry, so ended up going over some sections so many times it ended up being more time consuming than if I had've just blow dried it first. I do have quite thick hair though, so perhaps the finer hair folk would have better luck.

In the end, after about 30 minutes of faffing about whether my hair was dry enough, I decided that it needed more heat (some bits were still damp!) and had to blow dry it some more (eek!)

I thought I would then try out the dry function, and straightened my hair some more (it really took a bashing this weekend!) and this is where it really excelled itself. The plates smoothed down my frizzy hair and made it so easy to manage. I've had GHD's for 5 years, so it takes a lot to impress me on the straightener front, but these really did. And the best bit is, the next day I went out in the rain, and it didn't frizz up or even curl at the ends. Now either I have completely destroyed my hair, or these straighteners are amazing! I'm hoping for the latter. I also noticed that it didn't get greasy as quick as it usually does, despite using heat protecting spray, and getting rained on! I hope this is a permanent thing, as I hate having to wash my hair every other day.

Sooo, here's a photo of the end result:

What's that you say? I look different? Nooo!
(Cameras broken, so you have to use your imagination...)

I have only had a day or two to play around with these straighteners, but I am keen to try again and see if I have better results with them on the wet function next time. I really like the fact that you can choose what temperature to use depending on your hair, this is something my GHD's can't offer me, and something I take comfort in when I'm feeling particularly guilty for using so much heat on my hair!

My brother (a reformed metrosexual) has been eyeing them up so I think we may be seeing a little post with him as a product tester again, watch this space!

Huge apologies for the noticeable lack of pictures, my camera is in't menders (or in my drawer waiting to be sent off for mending...) but hopefully I will have a new one soooon.


*Disclaimer* This product was sent to me by a PR company, so all the PR haters, don't read if you don't like. Mediacom sent me these to give a detailed and, most importantly, HONEST review of the product. I do not endorse any products, and I will only ever post my true opinions whether I spent my own hard earned cash, or whether they were sent to me for free, because this blog is for normal folk like you and I and that's what it's aaaalll about. Capiche?! :)


  1. "Now either I have completely destroyed my hair, or these straighteners are amazing"- haha what a line!

  2. Well said Nicola :) Great Post!! xxx

  3. These straighteners scare me! Just because they must be so damaging to your hair, yet I have to admit I haven't looked into how they work.

    I like blow drying hair without having to straighten them, so I think I might stay away.

    Shame about your camera!

    Bhavna x

  4. Hi Nichola, so sorry about the camera. (Have another birthday!)
    Really enjoy following your experiences. (Didn't think you needed hair straighteners). You make me smile. Look forward to the next episode. (What's with the new woman?)

    Love, Mum of the long distant traveller.

  5. Thanks for your comments guys :)

    Lesley: Hello you! Wow thanks for reading, I am surprised anyone made it to the end of this article, so it's nice to know! I miss you and the other Mitchell's very much so hopefully we can have a catch up soon and I can tell you all about the strange things that have been going on in the Jackson household, and vice versa!

    I haven't heard from the 'wanderer' at all :( have you? Here's my email by the way if you want to keep in touch! xx

  6. I have those, have had them a while, but I never use them for actually drying my hair. They do a great job at everything else but they're pretty rubbish at drying it - makes your hair frazzle!

  7. I never straighten my hair as prefer the more touseled, just-rolled-out-of-bed look! But these sound so good I'll def be buying them for an xmas prezzie for my friend :)

    ♥ Hannah




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