Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Under Maintenance

Hi everyone! Just a little message to say this site is now under very necessary maintenance I will aim to be back back in the new year with a new look, and a lot of new posts.
Sorry for being so slack. Happy holidays all my lovely followers, and I will be back soon :) xxx


  1. can't wait til you come back :)

    & this is going to sound really, really stupid but I only just put two & two together and realised who's blog this is! I didn't know you blogged Nicola? I'm such an airhead! I've been reading this blog and thinking it's some other Nicola! dear me!

    Hopefully see you again soon,

    ♥ Hannah



  2. Hey Hannah! I was wondering if you knew :P haha.
    Yes, once I've found someone to help me design a decent blog then I will be all over this blogging lark again, can't wait! :D xx

  3. The shoes are available here about £60, i assume you'd need a US 5? They're bloody brilliant.


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