Thursday, 30 July 2009

F.A.B Top Rated

Cheeeese yes, I know. But there are a lot of things I am loving and hating at the moment!

OH GREAT my camera just broke as I was preparing for this post noooo :'( Will have to make do with ones I can find from other sources. Gutted. This is the second time it has happened this year. Stay away from samsung cameras folks!

Top Rated
1.) MAC glaze lipstick in hue:

I've been looking for the perfect every day lipstick since I realised I should stop wearing so much red, it was staining my lips and didn't suit my complexion too brilliantly! What an amateur!
Anyway, I stumbled into the mac shop the other day with my very bored boyfriend. Can I just say I hate that shop. The lighting makes you feel like you have to spend all of your money in there to make yourself look less horrible, and the staff are so condesending- they think we are all so dumb! (Sorry to generalise, maybe they're just like this with me!)

Back to the lipstick... It is really soft and moisturizing, and it gives great coverage even though its just a glaze. Hue is perfect for every day wear and goes gorgeous with a nice smokey eye! It's quite similar to Gosh darling thought I thought, so if you want to save a few pounds go for Gosh!

2.) Garnier Body Tonic Sugar Scrub:

I was really excited to try this when I got it because I have quite dry skin, particularly on my arms and legs, and I really wanted something to sort it out and that wouldn't be too abraisive. Well I found it with this little gem! It contains real sugar particles (who'd have guessed?!) and lots of appealing smelling citrus fruit which is sooo refreshing for those, like me, who struggle to get up in the morning!

I use this about 3 times a week with a shower puff! haha is that even a word?! You know what I mean, those puffy things you use in the shower. Although, this method isn't very economical. I'm on to the second bottle already and it's only been 3 weeks :( At around £3 a bottle though I can deal with that!

3.) Clinique anti blemish gel

I really wanted the Garnier on the spot roll on to work for me. I gave it so many chances. I even put up with a big spot on my nose for three days waiting for it to work, but alas, no luck. I ended up resorting my old trusty Clinique. This stuff really is the best for spots. I put it on just before I went to bed and in the morning I woke zit free- hurrah! I don't know why it says its for blemishes, because it never works for those on me! Still, this is a must have in everyone's skin care routine as it has never let you down. It is quite pricey, around the £12 mark, but it lasts for aaages as it is a nice thick gel.

4.) Urban outfitters sale

I love Urban Outfitters it's one of my all time favourite shops and the sale at the moment is brilliant! If anyone hasn't checked it out yet I suggest you go soon as things are selling like hot cakes (naturally)! I managed to back myself this beauty for £20 reduced from £65! I stupidly bought it in medium instead of small though, so I've got my mum working her magic trying to make it smaller in time for me to wear it tomorrow! *Drools*

Well that's it from my top rated so far! Look out for my next post, most slated. Haha it only gets worse!
What's everyone else's top rated right now? xx


  1. Hi :)
    The MAC Lipstick looks great!
    Big kiss

  2. I love that romper from Urban. I'll probably hit up the sales rack on Saturday in Seattle. I'm just waiting for the heat to come down!

  3. the UO sale is my favorite!! i got a little carried away with it haha

  4. I agree about the Mac girls, I find they're better in department stores rather than the actual shops

  5. I might have to try Hue and that Garnier scrub!


  6. Really interested in that Garnier scrub... thanks for the rec!


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