Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Snog, Marry, Avoid?!

Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon, but I could not miss out the opportunity to 'drag it up'. I was inspired by Holly and Hele's fantastic transformations, so I decided to do my own! Even though the Snog, Marry Avoid contest has ended, me and my friend Emma still thought it would be a luagh. Here's what happened!

Brace yourselves selves....

INTRODUCING: Chardonnay and ST Tropez!
Chardonnay describes herself as "Sexy, gawjus and really smart actually".

This is her best friend ST Tropez - she says '"I'm funnay, sexay and very bubbly".

The girls love nothing better than getting ready for 6 hours, downing a bottle of £5.99 Vodka and posing infront of the mirror. Don't they look sexayyy?

BAAAAAAAAAYBES! What do you think? Do you think we look 'sxc'?! Can I just point out we don't actually look this bad normally and it took us about 2 hours to put on that much makeup! Was great fun though, I think everybody should let out their 'Chardonnays' :)


  1. Love it! Maybe you should consider having this look for graduation?....

  2. nice dramatic make up, you ever watched snog marry avoid?!
    i love watching that show in the early hours xox

  3. Great entry, ladies!
    I REALLY, REALLY want to have a go of this myself.
    I'm just worried people will click on my blog and think it's what I actually look like. Eeek!x

  4. haha loves it!! you girls looks fierce!!xx

  5. Thanks girls! I was also worried people will think I looked like this! I have loads more pictures to put up of the dodgy outfits etc but I was too excited to wait lol. I love snog marry avoid its one of those trashy guilty pleasures you have to watch!x

  6. hee hee, well looks like you had fun doing it so that's cool x

  7. I just tagged you :-) See my blog for details x x

  8. Can I just mention that I dont really look like this lol thought it was very fun I would consider doing it again- maybe not leave the house though xx


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