Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Oh Em Gee it's my birthday

This Friday is my 21st birthday party yeey.

I am such a kid!

I am celebrating across lots of days doing different things, but this Friday the girls and I are going into central London to the ice bar! Yes, a bar made completely of ice. Mental! We're going for a meal first then drinks and dancing afterwards.

So why am I telling you this I hear you ask?

Well obviously I'm stressing about what to wear! I haven't bought a new dress in aaaages, and I can't really afford to go and get a new one.

What should I dooooo? I think I'll get a few outfits together and you can help me chose (again) oui? non?

Gosshhh why am I so indecisive? :(


  1. happy early bday :) go live it live it up!

  2. Happy Birthday for Friday.
    Girl With One Eye x

  3. You should go for a show-stopper dress, full of sequins or a mini black dress!

    Happy happy early birthday <3


  4. happy birthdays!!
    wish u all the best love :)

    i think u should buy in flea market and recreating them, or u recreating ur old dress :)


  5. Happy early birthday! I hope you have a blast! Oh, and I'm glad you liked the photos of the cast of Twilight! I can't wait for New Moon either!! November isn't too far away!!


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