Friday, 24 July 2009

A bit of a medley

I've rolled quite a lot of things into one with this post, but it kind of works. I think :)

Recent purchases
I really shouldn't have done this due to a) My addiction to late night Internet shopping binges b) ongoing lack of funds BUT I went on Asos (again).

I managed to get my basket down from about 7 items to 3. That was a big enough achievement for me as it is, normally I'd just close my eyes and click confirm!*

So I ended up with some rather eye catching acid wash jeggins, which you may say 'er bit late aren't we', to which I would respond 'er no I was just waiting 'til they were going out of fashion because I am too cool to wear them at the same time as everyone else!'

Ehem. In addition to my amazingly cool and not-at all-garish-jeggins, I bought two pretty standard tops which I made damn sure were long enough to cover my rather ample sized boootaaay. And because I hate when people make the mistake of wearing leggings as trousers. TOO MUCH ASS ON SHOW! Exhibit a): The jeggins I purchased!

If I wore this outfit I would probably get done for indecent exposure!

Oh yes another recent purchase I am loving is this...

Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish in 405 Rose Libertine. I am a big fan of Rimmel actually, always have been. I also am a big fan of not spending over £7 for a nail varnish (especially when my nails look as crappy as they do in that picture!)
Anyway so the coverage is good, not amazing. I had to put about two coats on to get them thick enough, but that's pretty standard. It doesn't dry in 60 seconds though- what a load of BS! But, the colour is gorgeous, pretty similar to Barry M's Pink Flamingo, yes, no? Well, this has become one of my favourites now, and at around £2.50(?) I'm sure I will be purchasing it again soon!

On to my next subject! Outfit of the night!

As you may/may not know, my social life is not exactly heaving at the moment due to finishing uni, having no dollar, and no job. Oh, and not to mention only seeing my boyfriend every two weeks as he lives in the 'West country. Oooh aaarr!'
So, when I go to the pub, I see it as an opportunity to dress up a little- despite the fact that this is Enfield, and people think it is acceptable to wear joggers in restaurants *shudders*.

I tried to be inventive with the camera angles. Can you tell? lol. I also vowed never to do the 'tacky mirror shot' but I failed. I had no other option!!

Top/dress: Asos
Belt: AA
Leggings: AA (you know, I hated leggings 'till about 6 months ago. Now look at me!)
Necklace: Accessorize
Lovebird earrings: Asos
Shoes: (as raved about here) Steve Madden
Bag: Vintage
Face: Models own!
Oh and that colour I'm wearing on my lips, is an amazing creation I will have to blog about next!

FIN! Sorry if this was too long, I had a lot to say! xxx

*Mum if you're reading this, please don't pack me off to shopaholics anonymous, I'm doing OK! lol


  1. ohh that bag is beautiful, looovely outfit =)

  2. The clutch is lovely! Love the varnish too!

  3. Thank you, it was my mums! lol x

  4. Haha you make me laugh. Lush shoes xx

  5. I love it all, why not dress up to go to the pub!!! Bag is gorgeous and nails look lovely too. Love the blog!

  6. i love love love ur purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Love the top :) and the love-birds earings were my favoooorite!!

  8. Haha, you're funny! I'm going to start following you. I have late night internet binges as well! It's like a new form of sleepwalking -- sleepshopping!! dun dun dun...

  9. haha i know what it`s like to be a shopaholic...i especially love your earrings and clutch <3

  10. ok, if its still okay to, I might get some jeggings too.

    i looooooooove that bag you have. totally gorgeous!

  11. Thank you lovely ladies! xx

  12. You have quite a lovely blog! That clutch is adorable.

  13. love the clutch!! gorgeous! adds a nice finishing touch :)
    p.s. if you do get sent to the shopaholic anoynymous,i'll join you!! (so we can talk about shopping) lol

  14. Great purchases and a beautiful outfit!!

  15. That nail colour is beautiful, I bought it as part of a present to my mate so I hope she likes it!
    I love your belt and bag :)

  16. gorgeous clutch! and cute outfit xxx

  17. I have that top but the blue/white version..I LOVE that bag ohh and the shoes I tried on but didn't pruchase..grr whyyy, they look great on you :)


  18. I didn't think I'd get so many comments, thanks guys. If my mum see's how popular her clutch is she might be wanting it back! haha

    Cheated hearts- ha I thought we had similar style that's why I added u! Go back and get the shoes! I literally haven't stopped wearing them since I got them they are my staple heels at the mo!


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