Thursday, 16 July 2009

Finally an OOTD!

Yes you asked for it, you get it. Even if it did take about 2 months, I have done another outfit post. Today I had the day off from my little spell of volunteering, and did a tiny bit of shopping in town. I must stress, I am still broke, but I knew if I didn't shop soon I would end up spending £200 on Asos in one of my midnight danger sprees!

So in 'Enfield taaaaan' (which can I point out is pure crap for shopping and generally everything) I had a browse and came out with these babies! (Please excuse lack of polish!)

They're by Steve Madden, and I managed to get them for a quite reasonable £35 in TK Max! O god am I starting to like that place? Nooo I'm just broke and these are the things poor people like myself must do right now! I am normally quite good with money, but I actually couldn't resist these. Here's what I wore once I'd bought them...

Don't you just love the dodgy expression! I'm soorrrryy, I just feel so silly doing these I can't do serious ones! Anyway, it's not massively exciting but:
Top/dress: Topshop
Leggings: AA
Shooooees: You know!
Bag: Topshop
Belt: Rokit vintage

I'm wearing sunglasses because I'm not wearing any makeup except tinted moisturizer and mascara. I'm trying to let my skin breathe!

I hope you like. Comments welcome! :)


  1. Beautiful lollk!! I love the shoes and the top!

  2. love the shoes!
    i hardly ever go to enfield town now but it's got to be better than my local shopping area (the dreaded wood green)!
    your outfit is gorgeous :)

  3. You look gorgeous! Great outfit.x

  4. Thank you xxx
    Peachylaa- Wow you live near me! Wood Green isn't the nicest place in the world is it :( Enfield is getting just the same now tho! xx

  5. That is a fab outfit

  6. cute outfit. Those shoes are gorgeous :D x

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  8. arnt you glad I didnt stop you buying the shoes now, all we need is a night on the taaaaan so you can show em off! xxx

  9. haha Yes I am! Neeeeed to go out!! x

  10. love love that dress and the shoes, matches beautifully!

  11. I love this look! You look super-fabulous!
    The color of your top is ah-mazing too :)



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