Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Virtual Makeover

Just to prove that my blog offers the best advice and reviews for makeover ideas, (modest, me? No!) I thought it would be fun to look into other makeover sites on offer on the big wide web.

After searching 'virtual makeovers' on Google, I was shocked to see how many hundreds of these sites they are, but they are all almost exactly the same!

So I tried the first one that caught my eye, which was iVillage The site claimed it could show me my 'new look' within five minutes. However, I wasn't even allowed to upload a photo of myself unless I was a member, which would've taken me about 10 minutes. Instead of giving in and signing up to something I really didn't want to start spamming me with junk mail, I chose to just pick one of the existing models to makeover.

This is a pretty pointless tool, as if you want to give yourself a makeover, you generally have to start with your own face, surely?! Still, I gave it a go just for a laugh.

The site let me chose all kinds of details, from the colour of my eyes, to the shade and shape of my lipliner. It's pretty fun to play about with, but it isn't really a makeover, nor does it help you find what looks work best for you.

Anyway, after about 15 iminutes of fiddling about with this strange woman who bared no resemblence to me at all, my makeover was complete! Of course, it wouldn't let me save the picture as I wasn't a member, but here's a sneaky print screen of it.
My new face![/caption]

So I've not really learned anything from my magical virtual makeover, except the fact that doing anything on line requires you to sign your life (or just your inbox) away to random independent websites.

Not for me, thank you!

However, if you are interested, here are a few similar sites I've tried out :)

Focus on Style: Allows you to try different outfits and celebrity looks

Mary Kay: A more professional looking website, but some seriously dodgy looking faces to choose from

Taaz: The nicest looking, and most realistic, but signing up to be a member is unnecessary hassle.

I hope you find this helpful, let me know if you've tried any virtual makeovers!

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