Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tried and Tested

Here are a few other things I picked up on my quick shop, and my verdict on them so far...

1.) Sally Hansen nail growth activator: sally_hansen_natural_growth_activator

At £7 a bottle it is quite pricey compared to Boots' own brand, and doesn't look or feel like it's going to be any good at first. However, after applying the magical blue liquid to my nails twice a day for two days I am already noticing a difference. My nails are much stronger and they seem healthier already. On the packaging it says I will notice the difference in four days, so I hope it will continue to help me on my mission to finally grow some nails! 4.5/5

2.) Rimmel lip plumping lipstick in 'Foxy': lipstick

This product claims to plump up lips and give a bigger, fuller pout. I love the colour, it's quite bright pink so it stands out but doesn't make me look like a Barbie doll. As for plumping, I haven't noticed any change in the size of my lips. I'm not sure what I expected really! It tingles quite a bit once it has been applied, which made me think it could have worked, but alas, it doesn't. The lipstick is on special offer at Boots at around £5, pretty reasonable for a lipstick I think! 3/5

3.) L'Oreal Colour Appeal trio pro for brown eyes: colour-trio

I never really wear much eyeshadow normally, but now I have my trusty Body Shop brushes, I decided it was time to invest in some. I was initially disappointed when I opened up the compact to see three of the tiniest eyeshadow pallets I'd ever encounter. The compact itself is quite big, but there is simply not enough for your money, and the application brushes are curved in a way which is supposed to make it easy to apply, but instead makes it uncomfortable and pointless.

All in all the colours are good, this compact includes a bronze, a gold, and a lighter gold, and on the back there are instructions on how best to use the different colours, which is a nice touch. I found that in order to get an effective look, you need to apply quite a lot, which is a pain as there isn't much to go round. I don't expect this make-up to last me long! 3/5


  1. Love Foxy, yeh I'm not too sure it plumps either, 40% yeh right!!wow will have to try that nail stuff, my nails are wrecked!oh p.s Hele sent you some more goodies to try so when your around let me know!xx


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