Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Gok is back

I've just been reading about Gok's return. Thank god, that means Mylene can back off for a while (I hope)! Oh, and I also read that Trinny and Susannah's contract has run out, so no more What Not to Wear, or Undress the Nation, for a while. Or even forever. *Sobbs quietly to self*.
Anyway, so with another series of Gok's Fashion Fix on the horizon,
[caption id="attachment_276" align="alignright" width="166" caption="Gok Wan. The only GBF you need!"]Gok Wan. The only GBF you need![/caption]
I thought I'd have a little sneaky peek on the website, see if it offers anything new.
And, yes, Gok (or his team of handy Gokkers) have created a brilliant style consultation tool on their website, for those of us who don't want to go on the show, but still want the same advice.
Yes please :)
I've just done it (only took two minutes) and of course it told me I was a pear, which I already knew. BUT, it also told me all kinds of things, like what colours work best with my skin tone, what hair styles suit my face, and even gave me direct links to lots of options of things I could buy right there and then! Smooth, Wan, very smooth.
Check out Gok's Style Consultation yourself....

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  1. I loveee Gok and his show.. Such a brilliant guy! :)


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