Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Dressing for your shape

Apologies for this mammoth post, but there's a lot to cover!
Hopefully you will have read my previous post, Apples or Pears? before reading this, so you now know your shape and want to find out what suits you best!
Here are the most common shapes (which are also the trickiest to choose clothes for) and some advice on what to look out for, and what to avoid.
Apple shape
Most 'apples' will find that their best feature is their large breasts, so they show them off. Rightly so apples, but don't forget that your legs can be accentuated too. Best things to wear as an apple are wrap around tops and dresses, V necks (with support- you don't want excessive boob display!), simple tank tops paired with open mid length jackets, waist sinching belts and no big bold prints. You want to make the most of your curves by accentuating the best bits, and concealing the rest. Don't think that trousers don't look good on apples because they can! Wide leg trousers and boot cut jeans will give your legs a longer look, and they look great with some sexy wedges. Very spring!
Pear shape
Attention, pears! You should steer clear of drain pipes and slim fit trousers, unless you want to draw attention to your biggest parts. You need to balance out your figure so things are more proportional. This can be achieved by wearing things that accentuate the top half of the body like bright colours, bold prints and wide necklines, but stick to dark simple colours on the bottom half. A common feature of the 'pear' is a generous sized bottom! Great for the men, but not great for high wasted trousers, or detail on pockets, this will only make it appear wider. Ideal outfits include halter neck tops, dark boot-cut trousers and slim heels (chunky shoes only make the calves seem larger).
As an hourglass, you should show off curves without flashing too much flesh. Avoid tight, clingy fabrics as these will over emphasise any lumps and bumps. Instead, stick to items like A -line fitted skirts which are straight enough to show off curvy hips but don't cling too much to the thighs. To accentuate smaller waists wear thick waist belts, and tops with deep V necklines. Avoid Stilettos and opt for open toe court shoes, as these make legs appear longer and slimmer. The secretary look works best on hourglass figures, think low cut blouses and pencil skirts, but be selective when chosing materials so as not to look trashy.
Dressing for any of the other nine body shapes...

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