Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Part 1- Emma's new face

OK so part one of the the mass makeover of my very best friend, Emma, involved a total makeup refresh.

She is luckily very naturally pretty, but she's not a girly girl and doesn't care much about makeup or trying new looks.

First things first I got her to take off all her makeup and bravely show what she was like before....


I wanted to make her look a bit more fresh faced and girly for the spring. First off all I straightened her hair and smoothed it over with a round brush. Then I gave her a french plait type crown through the top of her hair, to take some weight off as she has very long, thick hair.


Then I started on the makeup. I applied a light foundation to her skin with my fingertips, and concealer on blemishes with a sponge. I went for a really pink blusher as she has quite a pale complexion and I wanted to warm it up a bit without making her look orange.

Emma has lovely blue eyes and I wanted to accentuate them, so I started with a blue/green eye liner and smudged it under her eyes and on her eyelids.

Blue eyes

I also used a pale blue eye shadow over the lids and white on the inside corners to really make the eyes stand out. I finished it with lots of mascara to make her eyes as big as possible.

And this is the result! I hope you like, feel free to leave lovely comments :)


Pretty Emma

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