Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Part 2- Emma's restyle

Part two of Emma's extreme makeover is here!
We didn't have much time on our hands, what with it being Easter, and only having a few days off. So we took a little trip to our favourite cheap but tasteful shop, H&M, as money is lacking for us students!
I wanted to show Emma that she didn't need to fork out for a whole new wardrobe to give herself a new look, instead I just selected a few new key pieces and mixed them all up to give a variety of different looks.
But what does she normally look like?! Here's Emma in her every day wear, which is always jeans, T-shirt, cardigan and (I saved the worst till last) shoes with socks. Tut tut Emma! She always looks lovely, but now it's time to try and dress for spring and make her feel more feminine.

Gorgeous, but could do with some funky spring clothes!


The only place for those shoes and socks is the bin!!

And here are her new clothes....

Outfit 1- Dinner and drinks



This outfit is quite out of Emma's comfort zone as it is a loose smock top and it has a very feminine floral print. It complements her shape and adds some much needed detail to her style. The V neck flatters her slim neck and gives a perfect amount of cleavage. Also, I have put her in some straight leg trousers instead of jeans which Emma loved as they gave her a bum and fit nicely around her legs. She doesn't normally wear heels but heels are a must with these trousers. They make her legs even longer, plus because they are wedges they are more comfortable, and the gorgeous purple matches the print in the top.

Outfit 2- Holiday and night out



Such a simple top but an effective look. We kept the shoes as they are very flattering, and paired them with a light dress and a bright flower corsage. The neckline is perfect for smaller busts, and it skims past the tummy which is again very flattering.

Outfit 3- Daywear


To make this outfit more suitable for day-wear i rolled the dress up to make it a top and tucked it into a pair of reasonably high wasted shorts, which fit Emma's shape perfectly. Of course we had to keep the perfect shoes because they went with everything, and the flower accentuates the spring theme.

4- The shoes!


Perfect shoes! Courts elongate the legs, bright colours and wedges are both key pieces this spring, open toe gives a playful, girlie feel, and, most importantly, they are comfy! Hurrah!

What do you think of Emma's makeover? Are you interested in having one yourself? Get in touch and tell me more!

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  1. I love the makeover!!!
    Great work :)
    About you do one to me???
    I will think about that but would be fun ;)
    Love :)xx


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