Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Apples and pears

Size is a massive issue when choosing clothes, and many of us never know what size we actually are, let alone what outfits best suit our bodies.
Susannah Constantine (left) and Trinny Woodall (right)
Thanks to Trinny and Susannah, who managed to find a massive 12 different types of body shapes, it is possible to find things that will flatter whatever bit about you that you want to accentuate or hide.
Instead of just apple, pear and hourglass shapes, they added shapes like the brick, vase, cornet, lollipop, goblet, cello, bell, column and skittle.
In their book, 'The Body Shape Bible', which I found myself flicking through for hours earlier, they manage to find a woman for every shape and find her outfits that really worked. I thought I would share a few of them on here, for anyone who is confused about their size and wants to know what they actually are before trying to find the right clothes.pear-shape1
Apples= Wide torsos (full bust, waist and upper back). If an apples put on weight it is likely to stick to their stomach, chest and sometimes on the arms creating bingo wings. Apples are always top-heavy.
Pears= Child bearing hips, and big bums but little boobs and flat stomachs. Sadly for pear shapes like myself, the bottom half is almost always out of proportion to the small top halves.
Hourglass= Womanly. Hourglass women have big boobs and curvy waists and they really should make the most of what they are given because it is arguably the most flattering shape to be.
Bricks= Unfortunately masculine with flat bums, broad shoulders and no waist. skittle-and-vase
Vases= Basically a stretched out version of the hourglass. These are easier to dress as the body doesn't curve quite so severely.
Skittles= Similar to pears, but instead of suffering from big hips, skittles have more weight slightly lower down on their thighs. The top half is fairly long and lean but the weight is all stuck around the chunky thighs.
Cornets= Athletic frame, slightly tomboyish with broader shoulders but perfect for the catwalk.
Lollipops= Top heavy, big boobs and little everywhere else. The envy of curvy girls who want to keep their boobs but loose the rest of their shape.
Goblets= Big boobs, tummies and broad backs balanced on long, slender legs. Like apples goblets are also top heavy, but it is easier for them to take the focus away from their top halves by showing off sexy slim legs.
Cellos= Exaggerated features so, again, big top halves and bottom halves, but bums and thighs are slightly wider than the chests. Like the hourglass but an exaggerated version.
Bells= Petite women who have expanded throughout the years. Their once big round bottoms have become disproportionally large and their bodies have suffered from the 'middle aged spread'.
Columns= Tall with long limbs and evenly distributed weight. Most column's don't have very big boobs or bottoms and are simply straight up and down.

What size are you?

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  1. What do you do if you don't fall into a category? My friends and I spent hours the other night trying to figure out what I am. They are very clearly a Goblet and a Vase. I am a Skittle with a waist and belly, an hourglass with average tits or a pear with broad shoulders and bigger tits. I have broad shoulders, average tits, long slim waist, rugby ball belly and flat bum with slightly heavy thighs and slim calves. Ever seen such a thing?

    Hope you can help me. We love the book and are spreading the word here in New Zealand!

    Many thanks,


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