Sunday, 11 April 2010

Spending ban and customising things!

Afternoon ladies, I hope you're all having a great weekend :)

I just wanted to give an update on my spending ban as I've noticed a few things.
Firstly, it is virtually Impossible to not spend anything if you are going shopping with other people, and secondly, I'm crap at sticking to the rules BUT I have only bought 3 things in about a month. Is that good? Probably not. Oh dear....

One was a dress which I really needed for an event at work (which I couldn't go to in the end!) it was only £30 and I love it. I'll put up pictures when I get round to wearing it. The other two things were vintage shorts and a shirt that makes me look like a 'goat herder' apparently. Nice!

I've decided that if I really have the urge to go shopping I'll just have a mooch around vintage or charity shops instead. That way I don't buy loads, and I love vintage one of a kind things so it's all good.

Also, I've been customising a lot since the spending ban which I'm very happy about! I love getting creative when I get the time, designing and making outfits. Here's my most recent creation, I made some patches out of old dresses and used them to jazz up a pair of plain skinny jeans:
They look much better on, promise!
My next project will be replacing the buttons on a plain oversized cardigan with some big vintage pearl buttons I lovingly pinched from Big G's button stash. Love it.

Is anyone else a vintage lover or hardcore customiser or am I just a big cheapskate?


  1. Definitely NOT a cheapskate. I have done the button thing on a primark cardigan before and it's so satisfying to get compliments and to know that no-one else has it! 3 things in one month is pretty good in my eyes!

  2. I'd love to customise and have had a go in the past but my creative talents are somewhat limited.

    I bet those jeans look fab on!


  3. Definatly not. I love to crochet (and trying to learn how to knit too)- and enjoy making my own hats and scarfs feels very satisfying when the job is complete and you can be like 'i made that' :) Replacing buttons sounds like a fab idea though!! May consider that sometime x

  4. Hello fellow Journalist and Londoner. I like your blog ;) x

  5. I love this! Customising is the way forward! Totally not cheapskate at all!

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  6. im awful at spending i just cant stop xxxx

  7. ooooh the pearl buttons sound fantastic


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