Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New Tumblr

Hey ladies,

I've been so crap AGAIN! I literally have no time in my life right now for regular and in-depth blogging it seems. I have tried but alas, juggling a job with long hours, an on/off long distance relationship and an (occasional) social life is proving virtually impossible right now.

So, in the mean time I have turned once again to the faithful world of microblogging. It is so much quicker and easier. I originally hated Tumblr and called it the lazymans' blogger, but, now I suppose I am the lazyman, I'm finding it pretty useful for quickly popping a few notes down and a nice picture here and there!

I'm keeping it pretty broad so it's not all fashion and beauty I'm afraid, but if you fancy having a look it's here: http://little-lost.tumblr.com/ (A work in progress might I add!)

If you're a fellow Tumblr kid, feel free to follow :)

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