Thursday, 4 February 2010

Britains next fail model

I like to try and make sure I do something different and spontaneous every now and then, so when I saw a photographer friend advertising that he needed a model for a day, I thought, why not!

Carlo and Fabiana are two of the genuinely nicest people I have ever met so it was an absolute pleasure to help them out when a model fell ill the day before Carlo was due to hold his 'Shaping Locations' course.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun, I met some lovely (gorgeous) models and I got to see some great photographers at work. I didn't even moan too much that it was freeeezing outside :P

Here are a few photos from the day *cringe*!!

Somebody order a hooker?!

Check out the crazy eye makeup! I wasn't keen on it to be honest but I posed regardless

Definitely needed a hair stylist!

EEeeek! I am certainly not model material but anyway, it was fun and that's what it's all about :)


  1. Nicola u legend! U look pretty sexual to me.

    I LOLd at 'somebody order a hooker?' haha.


  2. Gorgeous as always hun!
    Love these pictures, you look stunning!

  3. Love the pics, especially the last one :)

  4. Not incredibly keen on the eye make-up but you definitely ARE model material! You have the figure for it and you're sooo pretty! The first picture is hot. :P

  5. i won't lie pug you looks cracking x

  6. Nic you look HOT!!love them especially the hooker one!xx

  7. You look gorgeous! Get thee to Tyra! x

  8. haha thanks so much lovely people :) xxx

  9. Shaaatt apppp! You look well fit!! You pretty gorgeous lady *kiss*

  10. love the jacket and the green eyeshadow
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