Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Aussie day in Leeds

Evening ladies!

Just a quick one about my night in Leeds yesterday working with the Aussie angels who were hosting their own Australia day party.

Daisy, Kelly and Victoria were the three lovely bloggers who were chosen to host the event, we merely provided them with a budget and helped them organise whatever they wanted to celebrate in style :)

After getting off to a fairly rocky start what with being late getting to the venue, then having issues with ID and unnecessarily strict doormen, the rest of the night went much more smoothly (thank god!)

Tiger Tiger's Groovy Wonderland was kitted out to the max with Aussie flags, a ton on inflatables and of course the all important Australian celebs masks. Ahh Harold you sexy beast.

I had a great time meeting the lovely northern lot again and breaking my back doing limbo! We took loads of pictures on a very snazzy (yes, snazzy) instant camera, but here's a few others I took on my own camera which should sum it all up pretty nicely!

It was a looooong drive from London to Leeds, but with a car full of inflatables and a lot of cheesy music we made it in the end!

La ROO! I grew very attached to this little guy during the night!

Me, Harold, Harold's three chins...

Lovely ladies modelling the Aussie props there!

I've uploaded the rest to the work Flickr site, so it's here if you want to see more :)



  1. Great post sweet :)
    It was amazing meeting you all & to be invited to such a great event!
    Hopefully will see you again sometime!

    <3 xoxo

  2. Looks like you girls had as much fun as we did down in London. The mask idea was fab!

  3. Haha amazing, it looks like such a fun night - I saw Vic's video on YouTube! xx

  4. Thanks for helping to make it a great eve Nic! Am going to blog about it tomorrow. There are so many bad limbo photos of me though!!x

  5. Looks like you all had a fantastic night!!!! *rushes off to see the other pics*


  6. Thanks girls, it was lots of fun :) I forgot to mention about the london event too, I saw pictures it looked really good- rainforrest cafe what a brilliant idea!! x

  7. Had a great time, fab pictures Nicola fab :D xx

  8. Oh! Don't you start Carlito! x

  9. Hahaha "La Roo"

    Genius. Only you could come up with that lol

    Sunny x


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