Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Pre-grad jitters

It's my graduation on Friday! I'm SO nervous/excited/scared/apprehensive.
Yes, all of them.

The gown we have to wear looks like this...

Wit wooo. Sexy, no?

Obviously my gown will be about half the size of this as I am such a tiny bean :( Also, we don't get to try them on until the day, so it is a bit scary wondering what they will look look and what to wear under them!

I have been pondering over what to wear for quite a few weeks now, and have finally settled on my outfit. I didn't want to outshine the gown, as that should be the main focus, so I went for a simple white blouse which I found at Tk Max for a bargain price of £7 (limited funds you see!) and a really nice grey thin striped skirt which is kind of a cross between a pencil and a tulip skirt. It has nice detailing and isn't too showy, or too short! That was from Miss Selfrige and was around £30.

The best bit is the shoes. I love love love these Shelly's shoes. I bought them a while back but never really wear them as they are a bit formal and the heel isn't really high enough for nights out. HOPEFULLY I won't be falling over on stage in these. As I said, I am incredibly nervous as everyone is going to be looking and I am a total klutz!

I know you are probably expecting a picture.....
But I wanted to wait to get some of the big day, instead of taking a crappy mirror one. I really hope it will be a good day, and I won't look too plain or boring!

MUCH LOVE to everyone who has graduated and/or will be doing so soon. It is an amazing feeling and makes the hundreds of pounds of debt worth while! xxx


  1. Our grad ceromony is in November! I've been think about what to wear under that gown for years!

  2. Good luck today, and congratulations on graduating! I hope in a years time I will be doing the same :-)


  3. cya tomorrow Niccciiiixx

  4. Congratulations on your graduation!!


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