Thursday, 16 July 2009

Help me choose!

I forgot to mention, when I was in taaaaaan, I also picked up these two beauties from Accessorize...

Necklace 1

Necklace 2

Yes they are remarkably similar. But, I need help choosing because I only want to keep one. The other is a little something for a friend of mine- I know she doesn't follow my blog so I think I'm safe!

One is mainly gold, and the other silver. They have around the same amount of charms, and both have this cute little fish charm thing?! See the first picture, then that might make more sense!
So which one should I keep and which should I give away? I want them both!!


  1. I prefer the first one much more, dear!

  2. i would keep the frist it...

  3. Thanks guys, I've gone for the first one! x


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