Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Mum's the first makeover victim...

Every time Ten Years Younger comes on TV, my mum screeches with excitement and begs me to enter her in for it.


I do not want my mum's face to be peeled off and stuffed so she looks like Janice Dickenson, and I don't know why she would either! (See my loves and hates here) She actually looks a lot younger than her age already, and she is in good shape too. She just needs to put a bit more slap on 'cause the natural look doesn't work for people once they've hit 25!

>For details on dating my 'yummy mummy', click here.


So anyway, I have convinced her to let go of all that plastic surgery rubbish, and just try mixing up her make up a little, and do something different with her mane.

Here she is before....


Aaaand, here she is after:


Cheap shot, sorry! Ok, this is her now...

yummy mummy

What do you think? Any better?

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  1. haha this made me laugh so much! i'm on a constant battle to get my mum to wear some makeup, but i don't think it'll ever happen! x


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