Tuesday, 14 April 2009

My makeover

I have just had another solo shopping trip. Nobody comes with me anymore because they're frightened of being makeover victims!

I don't have much money at the moment (student+no job+shopping 'habbit'=no money), but I decided I wanted to smarten up my image. I need to shake off my dodgy north London urban tendencies and the skinny jean and plimsolls combination!

I realised this whislt I was doing some blog browsing the other night, and I found this fantastically styled American girl's blog, called Karla's Closet She wears the most elegant and stylish clothes, it made me ashamed of my lazy dress sense!

So, taking into account all the lovely things I had seen, I headed off into town, with a budget of £50, to find my new look.

Sadly, as I am studying in Stoke, a very unfashionable and generally rubbish place, I had limited resources and NO vintage shops (very upsetting) so the only things I could afford mostly came from shops I wouldn't normally chose clothes from. Still, I had a very successful shop.

I'm uploading pictures and details of my makeover tomorrow, so keep checking to see more :)

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