Saturday, 18 April 2009

Makeup mash-up

Today was a good day!
I went into the newsroom expecting to settle into my boring routine of dissertation, stress, eat, dissertation, etc, but instead I had a lovely day of girly gossiping and makeup talks.

Thank you to Holly (aka my makeup master!), I have now updated my terrible makeup collection consiting of 99p scratchy superdrug brushes and some four year old bronzing balls. Oh the shame...

I took her advice and treated myself to a Lily lolo mineral foundation, it cost about £12 for a 10g pot online, and I got a few testers with that too, because I'm so indecisive! I can't wait for it to arrive to give it a go.

I'm going to upload photos tomorrow of my purchases and of some new makeup looks with my lovely new stuff :D
This picture is a bit dark (well, it is like 12am) so apologies for the quality, but here are my lovely new brushes and bronzers.

Body shop's finest. Thank you Holly!!x

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  1. It was a good day yesterday, lots of girly talk and not much work!!xx


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